Story of So-Obdi

So-Obdi (The Great Hunter) and Tu-Shwi-Whi, The Lesser Yes, this man So-obdi, he’s called that name by his mother maybe, when he’s little boy. She like to see him make big hunter. Maybe first he’s just good hunter (Tu-shwi-whi) like other Indian, and then sometime he make big hunt, kill Grizzly (Tep-taable). Then other Indian …

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Old Indian Camps

Here and there may yet be found traces of old Indian camps. On a little tour of investigation in 1910, the writer looked over three old camp sites. The most interesting and easiest to find was the one at Mrs. Leque’s place a short distance east of Stanwood. This camp must have been used for …

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The Creeks

First among the big creeks was Toli-Dachub (the Pilchuck). Here was game in abundance. The Staku-Hatchu (beaver marsh or lake) near the mouth, elk, deer and bear from the mouth to the headwaters. Next Klee-ekub, the Deer creek at Oso, the home of Kae-owah, a family of steelhead. Near the mouth of Deer creek was …

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The Whetstone

Down at Utsalady the Indians found a stone that was the very best for sharpening their cutting instruments. Axes, chisels, knives and scrapers of hard rock, bone and horn could be made very sharp if rubbed on this stone. Flat pieces of this stone were found all around the old Indian camps. Most of these …

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Indian Legends of the Stillaguamish

Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish: These little stories about animals, people and places have been told to me by people whose friendship I value highly. Several of them are now gone to the happy hunting grounds. It is about twenty years ago since the first ones were written down as notes in a scrapbook. Since then, the collection has been increasing steadily. Have told some of them to friends; they have encouraged me to publish, if possible, a few of the more interesting ones. The demand would of course be limited, and as it costs nearly as much to print a small number of books or pamphlets as more, the price will be higher than it should be. It would be the greatest pleasure to me if I could afford to have a couple hundred copies printed and give them away to people who might wish to have them. However, I make no excuse for this effort; I am sure a few people will appreciate it, regardless of poor grammar, and other faults.

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