Indian Wars

Affairs Other than Major Rains’ Expedition

Kamiakin was a man of mixed talents and many outstanding characteristics and easily the outstanding Indian personality in the entire Columbia Basin. He was tall, muscular, and very dark, with a bearing that was regal. He had condemned the Cayuses for the Whitman massacre but was true to his race and wanted only the peaceful …

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Choctaws Who Served in 1794

Choctaws who served a campaign under General Anthony Wayne in 1794 Mungoohemeter In Leflore’s district Ishlomakahacho Mushulatubbee’s district Atokoli Mushulatubbee’s district Tishlerwelblue Mushulatubbee’s district Achuckmatibi Mushulatubbee’s district Tishumiko Mushulatubbee’s district Hikatibi Mushulatubbee’s district Shikopoomma Mushulatubbee’s district Hepoe Mushulatubbee’s district Pashitunabi Mushulatubbee’s district Pashistubi Mushulatubbee’s district Hollabbee Mushulatubbee’s district Shophanchobi Mushulatubbee’s district Yakkaya Mushulatubbee’s district Jishkeatoka …

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Origin of the War with the Coeur d’Alene, Spokane and Palouse

The month of May, 1858, was a disastrous one for the army on the Pacific. On the 8th, Colonel Steptoe set out from Fort “Walla Walla, with a small command of one hundred and fifty-nine men, to make a reconnaissance of the country, to examine into affairs at Fort Colville, and to seize some marauders …

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Pacific Northwest Indian Wars

The last of the Indian wars of the Pacific Northwest was fought barely three-quarters of a century ago. People still living have childhood recollections of those perilous days. Those wars have been adequately recorded, either separately or geographically by States as well as in the general histories. However, no one has heretofore compiled the story of all of them into a single history. The period from the early 1840’s to 1879 was filled with danger and death from the warring tribes and is replete with the struggles incident to the settlement of new territory. Blame for hostilities did not always rest with the Indians. These struggles brought out the best and the worst traits in men, white and Indian alike. Their history is sometimes poignant, sometimes tragic, and occasionally humorous.

Army Life on the Pacific

Colonel Lawrence Kip actively helped lead the campaign against the Nez Perce and other Pacific tribes in the Indian Wars of 1850’s. If somebody is interested in the Indian Wars with the Nez Perce then they would find this detailed report of day to day activities quite interesting.

Measuring Strength with the Northern Indians

Having crossed the river and being now properly in the land of the enemy, a final inspection of the different branches of the command and equipment was made before moving forward. Ominous signs had for several days appeared in the north. Smoke arising at various points during the day and the illuminated horizon at night …

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Wright’s Order 6

Orders No. 6. Headquarters Expedition against Northern Indians Camp on Snake River, at Mouth of the Tucanon August 19, 1858 The field work erected at this place will be called “Fort Taylor. 1Named in honor of Captain Taylor, who fell in Colonel Steptoe’s engagement with the Northern Indians. Captain Keys, commanding the battalion of the …

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Wright’s Order 5

On the return of Lieutenant Davidson to Walla Walla with the supply train, as directed in Orders No. 3, Colonel Wright, being in readiness, moved forward with but brief delay. While yet at Walla Walla he issued the following orders for the government of the command throughout the coming campaign. Orders No. 5. Headquarters Expedition …

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