Hupa Tribe

An Athapascan tribe formerly occupying the valley of Trinity river, California from south fork to its junction with the Klamath, including Hupa valley.  They were first mentioned by Gibbs in 1852; a military post was established in their territory in 1855 and maintained until 1892; and a reservation 12 miles square, including nearly all the […]

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Hoopa Valley Reservation

Report of Special Agent I. P. Fell on the Indians of Hoopa Valley reservation, Mission-Tule Consolidated agency, Humboldt County, California, December 1890, and January 1891. Names of Indian tribes or parts of tribes occupying said reservation: Hunsatung, Hupâ, Klamath River, Miskut, Redwood, Saiaz, Sermalton, and Tishtanatan. The unallotted area of this reservation is 89,572 acres,

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