Caddo Witchcraft

Sickness may be caused by a witch who has sent something into your body-horse hair, an insect, a bit of cloth, an arrow. Your doctor (konah’) would draw out this thing and send it back into the witch who sent it. Then a fight would be on “between the two witches,” i.e. your doctor and …

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The Caddo Doctors

The Beaver (t’ao) doctor is the “strongest” (i.e. most powerful) (Ingkanish). He is a daitino (mescal-bean) doctor. He held a medicine dance in early spring. He would throw fire up onto the “grass house” and get it down without the house catching fire. He would shoot another doctor through the heart so that he bled …

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Caddo Age Class Terms

Age-Class Terms gayotsi baby sihyat’iti} boy under ten tat’iti} nutyit’it’i} sihnuti} girl under ten nutyit’it’i} tishiyatsi boy, about ten and over tinuti girl, about ten and over shiyatsi youth, eighteen or twenty nutitsi maiden, eighteen or twenty hanistih mature or old man sayatih mature or old woman Joking Relationship: Respect Between relations by marriage within …

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Notes on the Caddo

The following data were recorded in New York City in the winter of 1921-22 with the cooperation of White Moon, a recent Caddo graduate of Carlisle who in New York shrewdly called himself Chief Silver Moon. In Oklahoma he was generally known as Mike Martin. In December, 1927, at Anadarko, Oklahoma, while collecting folk tales …

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Indian Tribes of the Southern Plains Region

The Regional Director represents the Southern Plains Region in dealing with other governmental entities and tribal entities. The Regional Director serves as the representative for the Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs with the responsibility to work toward strengthening intergovernmental assistance to all the Federally-recognized tribes under the jurisdiction of the Southern Plains Regional …

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