Wheeler Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas

Mary Bruce Allen, mother of Elbert J. Allen, an early settler, is buried in an unmarked grave in this cemetery. Mary Bruce Allen died in 1848 and her will is recorded at Bonham, Texas. David Young Allen was born in 1820 in South Carolina and he died during the war between the states while at Fort Washtaw in 1863. Newt Wright (husband of Mary Bruce and cousin to David Young Allen) and Allen put into a written agreement that if one died while at war, the other would bring his body back home for burial. Newt Wright suffered much danger from wild animals as well as many other unpleasant experiences to bring David Young Allen’s body back home to bury here. The graveyard is located near Allen’s Point. [ed. Note: we do not know if there were days and months given on stones in addition to the years or if the copier just failed to note them.]

David Young, 1820 – 1863
Elbert J., 1824 – 1878. Husband of Jemima.
Jemima, 1829 – 1887.

Thresa B., 1849 – 1850. Dau. of A. J. & T. C.

Lobuskey, 1856 – 1878. Wife of E.

Joseph, 1809 – 1877.
Licenda, 1811 – 1888. Wife of Joseph.

Emily, 1812 – 1855. Wife of Isaac.
Isaac, 1816 – 1861.

Fannin County TX,

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