History of Johnson County Texas 1854-1954

The History of Johnson County Texas is a special supplement and official program to the Centennial Celebration, originally titled “Johnson County Century Re-call, 1854-1954.” It commemorates a century of history, growth, and community spirit in Johnson County, Texas. Assembled to celebrate the centennial from May 2nd to May 8th, 1954 in Cleburne, Texas, this supplement offers an extensive look at the people, events, and developments that had shaped the county over their past 100 years.

Inside, readers will find a wealth of historical accounts ranging from the early days of pioneering settlers, like Henry Briden and the Balch family, to the modern advances in transportation and industry. Articles such as “Winter Garden of the World Became Flourishing Settlement” and “Grandview Survives Disastrous Fire to Develop into a Leading Community” reflect on the trials and triumphs that have defined Johnson County’s rich history.

This edition also provides detailed recollections of significant events, including the devastating fire in Rio Vista in 1914, and highlights the critical role of transportation with features like “Four Roads, Interurban Line Shape Transportation Story”. Moreover, the narratives of the county’s oldest natives and foundational families offer a personal glimpse into the enduring spirit of its residents.

Accompanied by photos and factual recounting, the official program also touches upon the economic and agricultural transformations witnessed over the century, as well as the integral role of religion in community cohesion.

We invite you to delve into the pages of this supplement to explore the fascinating journey of Johnson County from its inception in 1854 to its centennial celebration in 1954.

Note: This copy of the original newspaper has been reproduced by offset. Photographs consequently are not of original quality.

Table of Contents:

Official Program Information for the centennial Celebration, p. 1
‘Winter Garden of the World’ Became Flourishing Settlement, p. 5
Devastating Fire Swept Rio Vista In 1914… 14 Buildings Destroyed, p. 18
Grandview Survives Disastrous Fire To Develop Into a Leading Community, p. 19
Four Roads, Interurban Line Shape Transportation Story, p. 23
Once Thriving Venus Making Comeback, p. 31
County’s Oldest Native is 91, p. 33
Historical Facts Revealed About Alvarado; First Town in County, p. 37
First Settler in Johnson County, p. 40
County Named for Col. M. T. Johnson, p. 441
Dr.,. Mrs. Colquitt, Residents of Rio Vista, Photographed by J. A. Lindgren, p. 42
Religion Plays Major Role in Johnson County History, p. 45
Yams, Peanuts Top Busy Joshua Mart, p.
Missouri Pacific Buys Land From H. C. Renfro, p. 47
County’s First Newspaper Printed in Cleburne, p. 48
Adventists Locate College at Keene in 1893, p. 51
Godley Solid With Livestock Income, p. 53
Residents of Johnson County for 70 Years or More, p. 55


Johnson County century re-call, 1854-1954 : official program, May 2nd-8th, Cleburne, Texas : Times-Review Print, 1954


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