Hill Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas

Cemetery transcription of Hill Cemetery in Fannin County, Texas.

This cemetery is where the first Elwood settlement was built on a farm owned by the Gibbs family for the last fifty years [written ca. 1960]. At one time a school, store, blacksmith shop, and a few houses were on this hill. A doctor lived here (perhaps F. Taylor?). Many markers are illegible and several graves have wood slabs with no names or dates. Two of the wooden slabs were said to be outlaws who were killed at Elwood. [Ed. Note: We regret that the copier listed the year only and omitted any days or months that might have appeared on the tombstones, but, as in other instances in this book, we feel that it was better to have just the year than not include it at all.]

Lela H., 1863 – 1883. Wife of Sid.

Cora L., 1862 – 1878.
Rebecca, 1832 – 1877. Wife of D. P. S.

Mary A., 1832 – 1874. Wife of B. H.

Henry Huston, 1829 – 1890.
Martha, 1836 – 1878. Wife of H. H.
Mary E., 1852 – 1869. Dau. of H. H. & M.

J. A., 1849 – 1869.
Elizabeth A., 1812 – 1887.
F., 1805 – 1869.
—–, N. T. M., no dates.

Fannin County TX,

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