Biography of William H. Gossett

WILLIAM H. GOSSETT. One of the best known dealers in live stock in Madison County is William H. Gossett, who has his home in Boone Township, where he is the owner of a fine farm of one hundred and forty acres, He has spent practically all his career in Madison County, has been known as a hard worker and good business man, and while accumulating a goodly share of material prosperity has likewise enjoyed and increased the esteem of the community for his excellent qualities of character and personalities.

William H. Gossett was born in 1853 in Highland County, Ohio, a son of William E. and Hannah Gossett, His father was also born in Highland County, was educated in the common schools, was a mechanic and carpenter, and in 1854 established his home in Madison County, Indiana, In this County, he worked at his trade of carpenter for a number of years, and lived both in Anderson and Alexandria, In later years he moved out to Missouri, and died at Odessa, in that state, His wife was born in West Virginia, and her death occurred in Odessa, Missouri, Their ten children are mentioned as follows: William H.; Eliza; David; Liddie; Emma; Alice; Charles; Marion; Oscar; Dora.

William H. Gossett was about one year of age when the family came to Madison County, and he was therefore reared, and trained for his life work in this County, As a boy he attended the Smith Chapel School in Boone Township, and finished his education in Alexandria, in the meantime having gone to school for one term in the Anderson city schools. When a boy he took up under his father’s direction work as painter and carpenter, and up to the time he was eighteen years old was working as a contracting painter, He soon afterwards gave up his trade and began raising stock of all kinds, a vocation which he has made the basis of his active career, He has exceptional ability in this line, and is regarded as one of the best judges of live stock in Madison County, He conducts his fine farm in Boone Township for the purpose of raising feed and providing quarters for his stock.

In 1877 Mr. Gossett married Emma Jones, a daughter of Elliott M. Jones, Their three children are: Walter, who married Gay Fox; Harry, who married Della Purdue, and their three children are Arthur, Donald and Fred; Blanch, who married Herman Markle, and has one child–Lola, Mr. Gossett is affiliated with the Improved Order of Red Men and the family worship in the Methodist church.

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