Biographical Sketch of Blakely, Mary L., Mrs.

Mrs. Mary L. Blakely, daughter of Randolph Foster, Was born in Fort Bend County in 1833, and was therefore three years of age during the famous “Runaway Scrape,” as it was sometimes called by the old settlers in their flight from the Mexicans. While Mrs. Blakely was in this historic retreat she has no recollection-of it, being borne through all the trying scenes of that time in the loving and tender arms of a mother, all unconscious of the significance of this rapid flight from home.

Mrs. Blakely still survives, and lives in Richmond. Only three of her eight children survive, Kate, Calvin and Bassett. Katy married Capt. Sidney Winston, great grandson of Mrs. Jane Long. Calvin married Miss Katy Wessendorff. Bassett married Miss Bonnie Dunlevy, all of Richmond, Fort Bend County.


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