Biographical Sketch of B. R. Cargile

B. R. Cargile was born in the state of Alabama in the year 1851. He has lived in this county since he left his native state. At the age of twenty-one years he married Miss Georgie Thompson. She died without offspring. He afterwards married Miss Alice Swafford of the state of Louisiana. From this marriage eight children were born, only four of whom are living. Tommie married Miss Martha Bruton, a daughter of Reed Bruton, a splendid citizen, a mechanic worthy of the name. She was just sixteen years of age, a nice, beautiful girl. Miss Corena is seventeen years of age; Miss Ruthie, fifteen years; Miss Irma, thirteen years. These good people are raising an orphan boy, and are raising him as one of their own; he is treated just as well in every particular. He is a farmer and a cattleman and is making life successful. He is rearing an interesting family, educating them and preparing them for useful lives. He is a just, law-abiding citizen and appreciates the laws of his country that protect his life and property, He supports the government by paying his taxes, and does it without complaint. He has the full confidence of everybody, is a well-known stockman and a successful trader. His postoffice address is at Birthright, Hopkins County, Texas.



Hopkins County TX,

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