Death and Marriage Notices in Newspapers concerning McMinn County, Tennessee

The following notices concern marriages that not included in Marriage Records Of McMinn County, Tennessee 1820-1870, By Reba Bayless Boyer, 1964, that is marriages which are not in the record books, or that give additional facts about the marriages that are included in that volume.

ATHENS POST, published at Athens Tennessee:

II-103, 13 Sep 1850 Edward Lee to Esther A. Fitzgerald, all of McMinn Co., m. 15 Aug 1850 M. Ezekiel Spriggs of Bradley Co. to Mrs Marye Ann Houston m 12 Sep 1850.

IV-179, 27 Feb 1852 George Wilson of Monroe Co. to Mary Glaze of McMinn Co., m. 19 Feb 1852 by Rev. John Scruggs.

V-219, 3 Dec 1852 Milton P. Jarnagin of Athens to Emily L. Murrell daughter of Col. O.G. Murrell of Madison Co., Miss., m. 1 Dec 1852 at residence of Mrs. P.H. Campbell.

V-245, 3 Jun 1853 David Watson of Ala. to Delila Atkinson of McMinn co., m. 29 May 1853

VI-279, 27 Jan 1854 Willford Dodson to Miss Lucina Jane Porter, daughter of Wm. B. and Elizabeth Porter, all of Riceville, Tenn., m. 24 Jan 1854 by L.A. Spofford.

VI-282, 17 Feb 1854 Enoch M. Willoughby of McMinn Co. to Matilda N., daughter of William and Nancy Jones, of Shady Grove, Ga., m. 9 Feb 1854 by Rev. Dr. P. Cheek

VI-309, 25 Aug 1854 T.F. Gibson, Esq., merchant of Athens to Miss Lizzie F., daughter of Thos. Mayfield, near Athens m. 17 Aug 1854 by Rev. T.K. Munsey.

VI-310, 1 Sep 1854 John L. Epperson to Malinda J. Berlison, all of McMinn Co., m. 29 Aug 1854.

VII-321, 17 Nov 1854 George Decker to Jane McMillan, daughter of Major Samuel McMillan, all of McMinn Co., m. 12 Nov 1854

VII-326, 22 Dec 1854 Noah Cate of Meigs Co. to Mahala D. Isom of McMinn Co., m. 21 Dec 1854. Alexander Michael of Illinois to Martha J. Strain, daughter of Wm. Strain of McMinn Co., m. 17 Dec 1854.

VII-327, 29 Dec 1854 Rev. E.W. King formerly of Holston Conference to Miss Vilenia W. Atkinson at residence of Col. John Gregory, McMinn Co., m. 20 Dec 1854.

VII-328, 5 Jan 1855 Wm. M. Prather to Rosaline Kemp, at residence of J.B. Shipman near Athens, m. 20 Dec 1854.

VII-330, 19 Jan 1855 John P. Love of Polk Co. to Elizabeth N. Barker of McMinn Co., m. 2 Jan 1855.

VII-331, 26 Jan 1855 John G. Mayfield of Polk Co. to Mary Elizabeth Cobbs of McMinn Co., m. 18 Jan 1855.

VII-335, 23 Feb 1855 C.H. Ward of Ga. to Miss Jerusha Paris of McMinn Co., m. 14 Feb 1855.

VII-342, 13 Apr 1855 S.A. Wallis of Monroe Co. to Harriett Maxwell of McMinn Co., m. 29 Mar 1855 by Rev. James Sewell. Rev. G.W. Butler to Elizabeth Catharine Porter, daughter of Wm. B. Porter, m. 5 Apr 1855, near Riceville.

VII-344, 27 Apr 1855 Matthew Nelson of Knoxville to Rebecca A. McGaughey of Athens, m. 25 Apr 1855.

VII 2, 31 Aug 1855 David Grogan to Miss Narcissa J. Roddan, m. 19 Aug 1855

VIII-365, 21 Sep 1855 Col. Wm. C. Witt of Meigs Co. to Mary J. Heron of Athens, m. 20 Sep 1855.

VIII-367, 5 Oct 1855 James Hamilton to Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell, both of McMinn Co., m. 25 Sep 1855 in Monroe Co.

VIII-369, 19 Oct 1855 Wm. Bussell to Miss Amanda Sallee, all of Athens m. 16 Oct 1855 by Rev. C. Godby.

VIII-374, 23 Nov 1855 M.D. Cantrell to Miss Mary E. Vaughn, m. 1 Nov 1855 by T.J. Russell, M.G.

VIII-376, 7 Dec 1855 Mark Dennis to Mary W. Elder, daughter of James Elder m. 2 Dec 1855 by Henry M. Roberts, J.P.

VIII-380, 4 Jan 1856 Geo. W. Bridges, Esq of Athens, to Elmira C., daughter of George McFarlane, of Knoxville, m. in Knoxville 19 Dec 1855 by T.W. Humes. S.P. Hale to Miss Elmira Cantrell, all of this county, m. 1st ult by Rev. Jno. Scruggs.

VIII-381, 11 Jan 1856 Charles Rice of McMinn Co. to Miss Mary Smith of Bradley Co., m. 6 Jan by Rev. Henry Rice.

VIII-384, 1 Feb 1856 Col. V.M. Metcalfe of McMinn Co. to Miss Ellen D., daughter of Mr. Whitfield Killebrew of Montgomery Co., Tenn m. 27 Dec 1855

VIII-389, 7 Mar 1856 Woodson H. Weatherly to Eliza Jane Cook, all of this county, m. 26 Feb 1856 by Jam. Parkison, Esq.

VIII-392, 28 Mar 1856 Wm. Rentfro to Bradley Co. to Melvina Roy of Monroe Co., m. 27 Mar 1856.

VIII-405, 27 Jun 27 1856 W.B. Ashe of McMinn Co. Miss M.M. Culpepper of Ala., m. 15 Jun 1856.

VIII-409, 25 Jul 1856 Daniel Kalback of Reading, Pa. to Mary Sharets of this county m. 22 Jul 1856. Joseph Yoder of Reading Pa. to Sarah A. Sharits of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jul 1856.

VIII-410, 1 Aug 1856 W.R. Hicks of McMinn Co, to Minerva Jane Sneed of Monroe Co., m 27 ult by G. Milton Hicks, in Monroe Co.

VIII-413, 22 Aug 1856 W.C. Hutton, formerly of Washington Co., Va. to Mary Ann Ashley of McMinn Co., m. 29 Jun 1856.

IX-418, 26 Sep 1856 Robert a. Lowery to Lydia C. Wasson, all of this county, m. 18 Sep 1856.

IX-421, 17 Oct 1856 Wm. B. Sampley late of Ala. to Caroline Rider of McMinn Co., m. 12 Oct 1856.

IX-424, 7 Nov 1856 Col. Thomas B. Sample of Charleston, S.C. to Miss Kate R., daughter of the late Col. V.M. Campbell m. 4 Nov 1856 at residence of Chancellor Van Dyke. Andrew J. Coltharp of Monroe Co. to Harriet R. Lowry of McMinn Co., m. 6 Nov 1856.

IX-425, 14 Nov 1856 J.A. Culpepper of Polk Co. to Elizabeth A. Benton of McMinn Co., m. 6 Nov 1856. Thos. A. Jones of Ga. to Susan N. Mastin, m. 12 Nov at residence of her mother, by Rev. T.K. Munsey.

IX-429, 12 Dec 1856 Dr. J.G. Parshall of Georgetown to Miss M.M. Rowan of McMinn Co., m. 27 Nov 1856. John L. Bridges to Margaretta Amanda Deaderick, daughter of W.H. Deaderick, m. 9 Dec 1856.

IX-432, 2 Jan 1857 Andre Burk to Emily Gibbs, m. 30 Dec 1856.

IX-433, 9 Jan 1857 John Milton Lowery to Louisa E.C. Anderson, daughter of Martin D. Anderson, m. 6 Jan 1857.

IX-434, 16 Jan 1857 Rev. Henry Rice of McMinn Co., to Miss Margaret, daughter of late David L. Knox of Bradley Co., m. 8 Jan 1857 by Rev T.K. Munsey.

IX-437, 6 Feb 1857 John P. Griffin to Frances Jane Howard, daughter of Capt. Thomas Howard, all of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jan 1857.

IX-445, 3 Apr 1857 Thomas B. Matlock of Johnson Co., Ark. to Miram Dixon, daughter of Eli Dixon of McMinn Co., m. 24 Mar 1857.

IX-447, 17 Apr 1857 James Wilson of McMinn Co. to Miss Sarah McReynolds of Monroe Co., m. 12 Apr 1857 by Rev. Robert Snead.

IX-448, 24 Apr 1857 H.P. Davis of McMinn Co., to Miss Martha M. Flinn, m. 12 Apr 1857 by James Grisham Esq. at her father’s residence in Independence Co., Ark.

IX-459, 19 Jun 1857 Rev. Francis A. Taft of Meigs Co. to Miss Minerva Gaut of McMinn Co., m. 17 Jun 1857.

X-480, 4 Dec 1857 James H. Reynolds of McMinn Co. to Miss M.J. Browder of Roane Co., m. 25 Nov 1857 by Rev. James Blair.

X-482, 18 Dec 1857 James G. Gibson of Cedar Valley, Ga. to Mary T. Hurst, daughter of Maj. L.B. and H.N. Hurst, m. 10 Dec 1857 at Mouse Creek.

X-483, 25 Dec 1857 George Davenport of Cleveland to Sallie H. Mitchell of McMinn Co., m 22 Dec 1857. S.H. Mayfield to Martha Rice, daughter of C.W. Rice, m. 3 Dec 1857. James Pritchard to Nancy A. Wilson, daughter of H.P. Wilson, m. 17 Dec 1857.

X-488, 29 Jan 1858 George H. Power to Martha J. Hamilton, all of McMinn Co., m. 14 Jan 1858.

X-491 19 Feb 1858 Rev T. Sullins of Holston Conference to Miss Mary W. Rogers of Knoxville, m. in Knoxville 25 Jan 1858.

X-492, 26 Feb 1858 Robert Boyd to Jane C. Coffee, all of this county m. 18 Feb 1858.

X-499, 16 Apr 1858 Philip Neet to Mrs. Eliza J. Markham, all of Athens, m. 13 Apr 1858.

X-501, 30 Apr 1858 Francis Reavely of Hamilton Co. to Miss Mariah J. Culpepper of McMinn Co., m. 10 Jan 1858.

X-502, 7 May 1858 Robert Boyd of Polk Co. to Miss Barsheba Davis of McMinn Co., m. 15 Apr 1858 by W.O. Cameron. Esq.

X-508, 18 Jun 1858 Col. Felix Orac to Eliza Newcom, daughter of Gen. Newcom, all of McMinn Co., m. 8 Jun 1858.

X-509, 25 Jun 1858 Capt. C. Zimmerman of Athens to Miss Catherine Evans of lantyre, Jefferson Co., m. 16 Jun 1858 by Rev. T.W. Humes.

X-510, 2 Jul 1858 John P. McPhail to Mary Jane Sharritts, daughter of Rev. S. Sharritts, all of McMinn Co., m. 4 Jul 1858.

X-516, 13 Aug 1858 M.B. Goddard to Miss Clemanda V. Hutsell, daughter of Col. A. Hutsell, all of McMinn Co., m. 5 Aug 1858 at residence of bride’s father by Rev. R.M. Stevens.

X-520, 10 Sep 1858 Thomas M.Y. Fleming to Jane Gibbony, all of Athens, m. 2 Sep 1858 Dr. J.F. McAfee of Ga. to Miss M.J. Collier of Calhoun, Tenn., m. 26 Aug 1858.

XI-521, 17 Sep 1858 E.G. Brown of Cleveland to Lucy Whetsell, m. 12 Sep 1858.

XI-530, 19 Nov 1858 R.E. Cave of Meigs Co. to Arminda Stephenson of McMinn Co., m. 16 Nov at home of bride’s father.

XI-531, 26 Nov 1858 Joseph Hamilton Hale of Rogersville to Margaret L. Campbell m. 23 Nov 1858 at residence of John L. Bridges.

XI-550, 8 Apr 1859 Dr. James C. King to Orleana Lattimore, all of McMinn Co., m. 30 Mar 1859.

XII-606, 4 May 1860 Henry Mays of Sweetwater to Mrs. Adaline Treadway of Rome Ga., m. 26 Apr 1860 at residence of Wm. Burns by Rev. G.A. Caldwell.

XII-607, 11 May 1860 Dr. A. P. Durham of Penfield Ga. to Miss Sallie L. Callaway, m. 1 May 1860 at residence of bride’s father near Riceville by Elder Robert Snead.

XIII-658, 3 May 1861 Patton A. Bradford to Mrs Amanda C. Hawk, all of McMinn Co., m. 25 Apr 1861 in Athens.

XIII-663, 7 Jun 1861 J.S. Richards to Miss Lydia H. Johns, all of McMinn Co., m. 23 May 1861 by James Forrest, Esq.

XIII-664, 14 June A. Sartain of Athens, Tenn. to Miss Josephine Womble, m.(?) Jun 1861 at residence of bride’s mother, Talbot Valley, Talbot Co., Ga., by Rev. John Harris.

XIII-668, 12 Jul 1861 T.M. Butner of Athens to Miss Maria Kirke of Graysville, Ga., m. 8 Jul 1861 at residence of Dr. A.A. McKee by same. S. Cleage of Athens to Miss Hattie S., daughter of Dr. J. Ewing of Rose Hill, Va., m. at residence of A. Caldwell in Athens 4 Jul 1861 by Rev. G.A. Caldwell.

XIV-688, 29 Nov 1861 C.L. Rice of Riceville Tenn. to Miss Margarette Senter of Jefferson Co., m. in Athens 26 Nov 1861 by Rev. J. Atkins.

XIV-706, 4 Apr 1862 B.F. Brock, private in Capt. J.B. Cook’s Co., Eakins Battalion, to Mis Mollie Stuart of Grainger Co., m. near Morristown 30 Mar 1862.

XV-730, 19 Sep 1862 James M. Oshields to Miss Ruth Lands, m. 16 Sep 1862 by W.W. Carlock, Esq., all of McMinn Co.

XV-732, 3 Oct 1862 John F. Norvell to Miss Rachel Davis, m. 25 Sep 1862 by Rev M. A. Cass, all of this county. Col. John N. Dunn of Cleveland to Miss Salina Alexander, m. 1 Oct 1862 at Residence of bride’s father near Athens by Rev. Geo. A. Caldwell.

XV-754, 6 Mar 1863 T.J. Errickson to Miss Parthena J. Johns, m. 26 Feb 1863 by Rev. M.A. Cass, all of McMinn Co.

XV-768, 12 June 1863 Lt. A.B. Latham of McMinn Co. to Miss Sarah A.S. Brooks of Palmetta, Ga., m. 9 Jun 1863 at residence of bride’s father.

HIWASSEE PATRIOT, published at Madisonville, Tennessee from January 1839 un 14 May 1839, when it was moved to Athens, Tennessee.

I-11, 21 May 1839 Augustus P. Green to Mary Rudd, daughter of Wm. Rudd, m. 16 May 1839.

I-16, 27 Jun 1839 Joseph W. Hicks, Printer of Athens, to Leucy Ann Franklin of McMinn Co., m. 26 Jun 1839. Jacob Low to Miss Sarah Akin, all of Athens, m. 16 Jun 1839.

I-23, 15 Aug 1839 Leven A. Ward, late of Knoxville, to Miss Charity Sallee of Athens, m. 8 Aug 1839.

I-52, 5 Mar 1840 David G. Orr to Miss Susan Johnson, all of McMinn Co., m. 20 Feb 1840 by Rev. A. Slover.

II-25, 1 Sep 1840 Charles A. Pickens to Caroline Smith, m. 19 Aug 1840.

II-33, 27 Oct 1840 James McCamis to Miss Eliza F. Cooper, m. 22 Oct 1840.

II-49, 16 Feb 1841 George Washington Trotter to Nancy Howard, m. 26 Jan 1841. James Madison Gallaher to Miza Sparks, m. 2 Feb 1841.

ATHENS REPUBLICAN, published at Athens, Tennessee.

II-3, 30 Jul 1868 A.R. Byington to Miss Fatie C. Johns. m. 28 Jul 1868 at residence of bride’s father. II-9, 10 Sep 1868 J.E. Long of Bradley Co. to Phebe Cassidy of Cedar Springs, m. 31 Aug 1868.

KNOXVILLE REGISTER, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.

I-2, 10 Aug 1816 Joseph McMinn, Gov. of Tenn., to Mrs Nancy Williams of Kingston, m. 4 Aug 1816.

IV-174, Tues., 23 Nov 1819 Elijah Ellis of Blount Co. to Betsy Macknair of the Cherokee Nation, m. 18 Nov 1819.

V-225, 14 Nov 1820 Augustine P. Fore to Mrs. Nancy Monroe, both of Jefferson Co., m. 30 Oct 1820.

IX-428, 22 Oct 1824 James Walker of this vicinity to Miss Charlotte C. Dean of Hiwassee District, m. 12 Oct 1824.

III-110, New Series, 25 Jan 1843 Benjamin F. Welcker of Kingston to Sarah E. Reagan, daughter of Gen. Jas. H. Reagan of McMinn Co., m. 17 Jan 1843.

III-119, New Series, 29 Mar 1843 Johnson Crews of Meigs Co. to Mary McGuire of McMinn Co., m. 23 Mar 1843.

III-123, New Series, 26 Apr 1843 John L Hurst of Athens to Elizabeth H. Foster, youngest daughter of the late Arthur Foster of Greene Co., Ga., m. 13 Apr 1843 at residence of Mrs. Foster in Greene Co., Ga.

III-129, New Series, 7 Jun 1843 D.C. McMillin fo Chattanooga to Mary Letitia Campbell, daughter of Hon. T.J. Campbell of Athens, m. 24 May 1843.

III-130, New Series, 14 June 1843 John H. Colville to Jennette V. Lide, daughter of the late Dr. J.W. Lide, m. 6 Jun 1843.

III-139, New Series, 16 Aug 1843 John Fisher of Athens to Mary Ann Riley of Harrison, m. 1 Aug 1843 in Harrison.

III-151, 8 Nov 1843 Wm. R. Neil of Missouri to Elizabeth Beret, m. 26 Oct 1843.

XL-21, 29 May 1856 W.W. Kelley of Bradley Co. to Miss Lydia A. McKnight of McMinn Co., m. 14 May 1856.

XL-38, 25 Sep 1856 Mary P. Lide of Athens to Dr. Roland Mitchell of Ga., m 2nd inst at Columbus by Rev. J.N. Blackburn.

XLI-22, 4 Jun 1857 J.E. Caldwell of Calhoun to Miss Catherine A. Baumann, m.26 May by Rev. Joseph H. Marti at residence of bride’s father in Knoxville.

XLI-48, 3 Dec 1857 John M Bridges formerly of Athens to Miss Nancy M. Holt of Dalton, Ga., m. 25 ult at Dalton.

KNOXVILLE ENQUIRER, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.

I-46, 2 Jun 1825 Thomas J. Grills to Harriet W. Smith of McMinn Co., m. 29 May 1825 by Rev. George Atkin, in Knoxville.

I-47, Thurs 9 Jun 1825 Dr. Marshall Callaway to Grace S. Meigs, daughter of the late Timothy Meigs, all of McMinn Co., m. Thursday last.

II-71 24 Nov 1825 M. 17th inst Boyd Porter of Sevier Co. to Miss Margaret McNutt, daughter of Benjamin McNutt of Knox Co.

II-95, 14 Jun 1826 m. 11th inst, George Loudermilk of Cherokee Nation to Miss Polly McNutt, daughter of Robert McNutt of Knox Co.

KINGSTON GAZETTEER, published at Kingston, Tennessee.

I-3, 18 Apr 1854 Alexander B. Harwell to Catharine L. Green daughter of A.L. Greene, all of Roane Co., m. 1854 in McMinn Co. By Rev. J.R. Fryar.

I-9, 30 May 1854 Wm. F. Keith to Jennette H. Jordan of Ga., m. 23 May 1854 in Jasper Co., Ga., by Rev. Mr. Cloud.

THE TIMES, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.

I-35, Tues. 17 Sep 1839 m. in Warren Co. on Wed. last, Thomas P. Argo of Athens to Miss Mary V., daughter of Col. Samuel H. Laughlin.

I-61, Dec 1839 m. in Athens 11th inst, William C. Graves to Miss Margaret A.C. Hood.

ATHENS POST, published at Athens, Tennessee.

IV-174, 23 Jan 1852 Hugh Chesnut, son of James Chesnut, Esq., d. 17 Jan 1852 in his 20th year, of typhoid fever.

IV-177, 13 Feb 1852 and IV-178, 21 Feb 1852 Samuel Long, died 24 Jan 1852; born and raised in Hawkins Co.; m. Miss Hannah Reynolds 1819 and afterwards moved to Sweetwater; in 1834 moved to McMinn Co.; Baptist; died of rheumatism of head and heart; a son d. a few years previous; leaves widow and two daughters, and three sons.

IV-177 13 Feb 1852 and IV-179 27 Feb 1852 Thomas Henderson McDermott, age 18 years and three moths, eldest son of Col. Wm. P. and Eliza Jane McDermott, d. 8 Feb 1852 at home of his father in Athens.

IV-189, 7 May 1852 Noah Lambert, age 21, son of Tennison Lambert, drowned in Chestua Creek, McMinn Co., 1st inst.

IV-190, 14 May 1852 F.M. Stephenson, Book Agent, a stranger, said to have been from Bowling Green Ky., d. in McMinn Co. 3 May 1852 a young man.

IV-191, 21 May 1852 Mrs. Susan Nail, wife of N.P. Nail, d. in Athens 16 May 1852 after a lingering illness.

IV-202, 6 Aug 1852 Spencer B. Newman, age 21, son of Robert Newman of McMinn Co., d. 29 Jul 1852 in Dalton, Ga.

IV-204, 20 Aug 1852 Jeremiah Seever, age 25, Book seller, a stranger from Columbus, Ohio or vicinity, d. 17th inst in Athens, after a weeks illness.

IV-208, 17 Sep 1852 James F. Bradford, age 52 d. 17 Jul 1852 at his home two miles south of Athens.

V- 2, 15 Oct 1852 Tribute of Respect by Meridian Sun Lodge No. 50, Free Masons, at meeting 6 Oct 1852, upon death of beloved brother Rev. Seth Church, Principal of Forest Hill Academy. He had been a citizen for a short time.

V-223, 31 Dec 1852 Two Boys and a girl, age 15, of Mr. Bullington, drowned in Chestua Creek near Newman’s Mill, McMinn Co., on 25th inst.

V-231, 25 Feb Wm. Pickney Burk, in his 23rd year, son of Wm. and Elizabeth Burk, d. five miles south of Athens o 16th inst.

V-240, 29 Apr 1853 and V-241, 6 May 1853 Mrs. Winifred Sallee, in her 63rd year, d. in this place on 18th inst; emigrated from Ky. to Tenn in 1824; her husband Col. Sallee, d. a few years ago; she was a member of the M.E. Church.

V-242, 13 May 1853 Miss Mary Reed, d. at her residence in Athens, 8th inst. John Hutsell, aged about 72, d. at his residence in this county on 6th inst.

V-253 29 Jul 1853 Cornelia Bradford, age about 17, second daughter of the late Col. James F. Bradford, d. 25th inst at residence of hr mother near Athens. Dr. William G. Nice, d. 27 inst of Dysentery; had been a citizen of Athens for 3 or 4 years.

VI-268 11 Nov 1853 Mrs. Grace G. Callaway, age 46 years, 7 days, d. at her residence near Calhoun, Tuesday, 1st inst; relict of Dr. Marshall Callaway and granddaughter of Col. Return J. Meigs; leaves two sons. Mrs. Althey Dorsey, wife of Dimmon Dorsey, Sr., d. near Athens on 3rd inst in her 74th year; born in N.C. in 1780; her father John Duckworth was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was wounded at Battle of King’s Mountain; she was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

VI-303, 14 Jul 1854 Mrs. Ellen Grubb, 32, consort of Mr. J. Grubb, d. 1st inst.

VI-306, 4 Aug 1854 Ann Penelope Boyd, 4, youngest daughter of Francis and Mary B. Boyd d. Athens on Sunday last. (30 Jul),

A son of James Wyatt, age 14, living 3 or 4 miles from Athens, was thrown from a wagon and killed on 1st inst.

VI-306, 4 Aug 1854 ad VI-308, 18 Aug 1854 Col. William Paul Hamilton McDermott,

Death Notices

Proprietor of the Athens Hotel, d. at 2 o’clock P. M. on 3d inst, after a lingering illness; born at Chuck Bend, East Tenn. 17 Dec 1800; his father, Major Paul McDermott, died when he was quite young, leaving his mother with two small children, a son and a daughter; he graduated at Greeneville College and about this time his mother and sister died, the sister a sudden and violent death, he married Jane Elizabeth Henderson 24 Feb 1829, then removed to Tellico Plains, Monroe Co., where he lived until moving to Athens in 1850; he united with the Presbyterian Church at St. Paul’s in Jefferson Co.

VI-307 11 Aug 1854 Robert M. Newman d. 4th inst John Rice d. at his residence in McMinn Co., 30th ult.

VI-308 Aug 1854 Taylor Benton, 6,only son of John Benton and wife, d. of scarlet fever at this father’s home in McMinn Co., 30th ult.

VI-309 Aug 1854 Mrs. Nancy W. K. Balfour, 57, wife of Charles Balfour, Esq., formerly of Abington, Va., d, of typhoid fever on 19th inst. Miss Abby Emma Keyes, 19 yrs. 9 mos., died in Athens 21 Aug.; she was an only sister of an only brother; he was called away five months and nine days before his sister; she made public profession of her faith in Christ in Oct. 1852, along with eleven of her friends.

VI-310 Sep 1854 Mrs. Sarah Ann Southard, 39, consort of R.P. Southard, d. in this county 7th ult; born in Burke Co., N.C. , daughter of Susan and Stephen Ballew; Methodist.

VI-311 Sep 1854 Mrs. Elmira Cooper, widow and relict of James Cooper dec’d and daughter of Wm. H. Cooke dec’d late of this county, d. 4 inst. Aspira Perthena Hickox, about 22, wife of John W. Hickox, d. in this county 2nd inst. F. Eliza Gibson, age 1 year 4 mos., daughter of Charles F. and Margaret Ann Gibson, d in Athens 37th ult.

VI-312 15 Sep 1854 William Outlaw McDermott, age 1 yr. 10 days, son of Mrs. Jane E. and the late Col. Wm. P. McDermott, d. 7th inst.

VII-313 22 Sep 1854 Elijah C.J. Cullins, infant son of J.W. and Mary Ann Cullins, d. in McMinn Co. 17th inst. George C. Bellows, 8, son of M.R. and Sarah Jane Bellows, d. in McMinn Co., 8th inst.

VII-313 13 Oct 1854 Mary Rebecca Bussell, 4 yrs. 1 mo. 4 days, only daughter of Wm B. and Caroline M. Bussell, d. in Athens 11th inst. Kingston Gazetteer will please copy.

VII-317 20 Oct 1854 Larkin Rutherford d. at his residence in McMinn Co. 10 Oct 1854, of dropsy. He was born 25 Sep 1799; Baptist faith.

VII-319 3 Nov 1854 John Gibbs, 9 yrs. 7 mos. 3 days, only son of Mijamon and Saffronia Ann Gibbs, d. in McMinn Co. 22 Oct 1854, of typhoid fever.

VII-320 10 Nov 1854 David J. Cobb, 25, an only son, died at residence of his father in this county on 11th [SIC] inst. 17 Nov 1854 Emmaline Green, aged about 13, daughter of A. Greene, d. 10th inst

VII-322 4 Nov 1854 Mrs. Rebecca Fisher, in her 66th year, d. in Chattanooga on Wed. 15th inst, of flux.

VII-323 1 Dec 1854 Joel C. Basinger, aged 1 yr. 9 mos., youngest son of Landon P. and Rosamon Basinger, d. in McMinn Co. 26th Nov of scarlet fever.

VII-325 15 Dec 1854 and VII 326 22 Dec 1854 Mrs. E. J. Bar__ Bridges, in her 24th year, wife of John L. Bridges and daughter of James Gettys, Esq., d. in this place on 12th inst. Of consumption; left bereaved husband and few months old son, parents, brothers, and sister; born 12 Apr 1831; Presbyterian; in the last two years, two sisters, the wives of two brothers, have died of the same disease.

VII-325 15 Dec 1854 Mar Catherine Rogers, 7 yrs. 1 mo. 3 days, daughter of John and Louisa Jane Rogers, d. at home of her father in Calhoun on 10th inst.

VII-329 12 Jan 1855 Mrs. Jane Jones, 17, wife of N.C. Jones, d. in Athens 2nd inst.

19 Jan 1855 Henry Clay Basinger, age 4 yrs, 1 mo. 23 days, oldest and only son of Landon P. and Rosamond Basinger, d. 22 Dec 1854 of scarlet fever.

VII-332 22 Feb 1855 Frances Lenora Strange, 7 yrs. 5 mos. 15 days, daughter of J.F. and Mary Strange, d. 5 Jan 1855 of scarlet fever.

VII-333 9 Feb 1855 E.R. Johnston, 30, d. in McMinn Co. 5th inst.

VII-336 2 Mar 1855 The remains of Samuel Gilly, who disappeared some three months ago, were found in the 12th District on Wed. last.

Mrs. Winnie Bradberry, age 95 yrs. 21 days, d. 16 Feb 1855 at residence of Wm. S. Haynie, McMinn Co.

Robert Maxwell, age 82, d. 24th ult.

VII-342 13 Apr 1855 Mrs. Elizabeth Reed, 23, wife of Simeon W. Reed and daughter of Thomas L. and Catharine Guthrie, d. 2nd inst. of consumption at her residence near Athens; member of Christian Church.

VII-346 11 May 1855 Miss Emily S.J. Ragsdale, 24, only daughter of a widowed mother, d. 6th inst.

VII-348 25 May 1855 Joseph Jackson, 4, son of Richard C. and Julia Jackson, d. 21 inst.

VII-349 1 Jun 1855, Mrs. Caroline M. Bussell, 24, wife of Wm. B. Bussell and daughter of the late Joseph and Winnie Sallee, d. 26th inst [SIC]; Methodist.

VII-354 6 Jul 1855 Jemima Cleage, 13 mos. 4 days, daughter of Alexander and Jemima Cleage, d. 29th ult.

VII-356 20 Jul 1855 Mrs. Penelope E. Irvine, 79, d. at her residence in this county on 11t inst.

10 Aug 1855 William Joseph Bussell, 3 mos. infant and only son of Wm. B. Bussell, d. 8th inst.

VII-363 7 Sep 1855 Mrs. Barbary W. Pearce, wife of Daniel Pearce, d. in McMinn Co. 22nd Aug

VII-365 7 Sep 1855 Nannie Eliza Johnson, 1 yr. 2 mos. 28 days, daughter of Thomas W. and Maria L. Johnson, d. on 17th inst. Wytheville papers please copy

VII-372 9 Nov 1855 Mrs. Margaret Culton, 73, wife of James Culton, d. in this county on 2nd inst; Presbyterian.

Elizabeth Ann Rider, 15 yrs. 1 mo. 9 days, oldest daughter of H.H. Rider, Esq., d. 5th inst.

VII-392 28 Mar 1856 John Bowerman, accidentally killed while ploughing in his field in Southwest part of Co., a few days since.

VII-394 11 Apr 1856 John Grisham, d. in this place Friday 4th inst.

VII-400 23 May 1856 Y.C. Woodward, 26, son of Dr. Woodward of Knoxville, formerly of Athens, d. in this county at residence of E.B. Shugart on 18th inst. of pulmonary consumption.

VII-401 30 May 1856, Friday Mrs. Rebecca Sullins, consort of Nathan Sullins, d. in the Vicinity of this place on Tuesday evening last.

Mrs. Jane F. John, 50 yrs, 10 mos. 25 days, consort of Ezekiel John, d. in McMinn Co. 19th May; left husband and five children. VII-402 6 Jun 1856 Thomas Johnson, 63, d. 2nd inst; ordained Deacon in Methodist Church by Bishop Andrew, 5 Oct 1851.

Miss Rachel Reeder, 67, died in this place on 1st inst.

VII-409 25 Jul 1856 Mrs. Penelope H. Campbell, 46 yrs, 10 mos., relict of the late Col. V.M. Campbell, d. 15th inst. at residence of Chancellor Van Dyke near Athens; she moved to Chattanooga, with her daughters, after death of her husband until she became ill.

VII-411 8 Aug 1856 Mary Jane Barker, 12 yrs. 10 mos. 7 days, eldest daughter of James and Elizabeth Jane Barker, d. 24th inst.

IX-418 26 Sep 1856 The friends of John F. Power are invited to attend the funeral sermon of his Wife and Son on 5th Oct next at Matlock’s Chapel.

IX-433 9 Jan 1857 Martin Hany, 71, d. 18 Dec 1856; served in War of 1812 and in Florida War under Gen. Jackson; condolences to the widow.(Letter from Coghill)

IX-435 23 Jan 1857 William H. Calhoun, 3 mos. 7 days, infant son of James C. and Mary Calhoun, d. 19th inst.

Martha Fillmore Yearwood, infant daughter of James M. and Susan Yearwood, d. 14th inst; “the doubly bereaved husband and father”.

IX-441 6 Mar 1857 Mrs. Elvira Chapman, wife of Rev. Wilson Chapman, formerly of McMinn Co., d. near Pittsfield, Ill. On 29 Jan last; leaving husband and nine children.

IX-442 13 Mar 1857 William F. Keith; Tribute of Respect by McMinn Lodge I.O.O.F.; left wife, aged father, brothers, and sisters.

Mrs. Sarah Wilson, relict of the late James Wilson dec’d formerly of Sevier County, d. 10th inst. IX-44610 Apr 1857 Mrs. Margaret E. Edgledow, aged about 80, d. in this place on 3rd inst.

Nathan Sullins, aged and venerable, d. at his residence in the vicinity of Athens on Friday last.

IX-447 17 Apr 1857 Obituary of Nathan Sullins, written by T. Sullins; Nathan Sullins d. 3 Apr 1857 in his 74th year; born in Halifax Co., Va. And brought to East Tenn. by his parents when twelve years old; at 21 married Rebecca, oldest daughter of Rev. Morris Mitchell of Blount Co.; raised 12 children and 11 still survive; when he moved to place where he died, two miles West of Athens, there was not one acre in cultivation on what would soon become his large farm; when he arrived at the cabin which he had built. He drove his large stock as near as he could and felled trees around them, till he could erect a more suitable enclosure; 36 years have passed since that time; the energetic and hardy people who have settled this region have …fallen off till but two remain, Edward Browder and his faithful wife still remain; soon after Nathan married he professed religion and joined the Methodist Church; rarely failed to have morning and evening devotion in his home.

IX-447 17 Apr 1857 Thomas William Gibson, aged 6 mos. 6 days, son of T.F. and E.F. Gibson, d. 12 inst.

IX-448 24 Apr 1857 John Bridgeman Cleage, born 27 Sep 1847, eldest son of David and Martha M. Cleage, d. 21st inst.

IX-452 22 May 1857 Rev. John Hoyl, 82, a native of Rutherford Co., N.C., died at his residence near Pine Grove Church on 18th inst., of pneumonia

IX-454 5 Jun 1857 William Shook, long a resident of Athens, d. 29th ult.

IX-455 12 Jun 1857, Friday, Maj. John Moss, in his 72nd year, d. Sunday last at his residence in vicinity of Athens.

IX-460 17 Jul 1857 Miss Frances W. Deaderick, fourth daughter of Dr. Wm. H. Deaderick, d. 5th inst. at the residence of her brother-in-law, Chancellor Van Dyke; five years ago she went to reside with her brothers in Wharton, Texas, became a victim of consumption, and returned to Tenn.; Presbyterian.

IX-462 31 Jul 1857 Jane Elizabeth McDermott, 7, daughter of Mrs. Jane E. and the late Col. Wm. P.H. McDermott, d. 26th inst in Athens.

John M. Varnell d. 17th inst at residence of his mother; Tribute of Respect by Hiwassee Masonic Lodge, Calhoun.

IX-463 7 Aug 1857 Col. John Foster, an aged and venerable citizen, d. 22nd ult at his residence in McMinn Co.; Baptist; leaves many relatives

Glenmore Murrell Jarnagin, 10 mos., only child of Milton P. and Emily L. Jarnagin, d. in Athens 5th inst.

IX-467 4 Sep 1857 Lucy Frances Sehorn, in her 15th year, eldest daughter of Wm. M. and Ann E. Sehorn, d. 2nd inst.

IX-468 11 Sep 1857 John Henry Snider, 1 yr. 3 mos. 25 days, son of Robert and Ritta Snider, d. near Mt. Verd 28th ult.

The Funeral of Rev. Jesse Cunnyngham will be preached at Mt. Harmony on third Sunday in Oct. next.

IX-472 9 Oct 1857 Cordelia Mahala Johnston, 18 mos 14 days, daughter of Berry M. and Phoebe L. Johnston, d. 16th ult .

X-475 30 Oct 1857 James Alexander Sheddan, 33 yrs. 8 mos. 1 day, d. 25th inst and his residence near Mouse Creek Depot

X-476 6 Nov 1857 Dr. William H. Deaderick, one of the oldest and most esteemed citizens, d. 30 ult.; his operation, exsection of the inferior maxilla, performed while he was living in Rogersville in 1810, made his name known, even abroad His claim as originator of that operation is recognized by authorities Mott and Smith.

X-480 4 Dec 1857 Margaret E. Cunningham, 27, oldest daughter of Col Moses Cunningham, d. 17th ult at residence of her father in McMinn Co.

X-488 29 Jan 1858 Quinton Onslow G. Frazier, 15, d. 7 Dec 1857.

Emma Deaderick Jackson, 9 mos., daughter of Richard and Julia Jackson, d. 23 inst.

X-494 2 Mar 1858 and X-495, 19 Mar 1858 Mrs. Sarah Cox, about 74, wife of James Cox, d. in this county on 2 Feb 1858; Methodist; made confession of faith in Hawkins Co. at age of 20.

X-496 26 Mar 1858 James Burch Cooke, infant son of J.B. and Penelope M. Cooke, d. 19th inst.

X-500 23 Apr 1858 Mrs. Susan Buckner, wife of Dr. James Buckner, d. 25th ult.

X-502 7 May 1858 Mrs. Hopestill Perkins, 77, d. 2nd inst at residence of her son-in-law James Neal Jr. in this county.

X-504 21 May 1858 Mrs. Sarah Pearce, 72 yrs, 6 mos. 11 days, consort of Davd Pearce, d. 13th inst at her residence two miles East of Athens; lived and died in the Quaker faith.

X-506 Jun 1858 Lula Estelle Howell, 1 mo. daughter and only child of Dr. J.M.H. and Hattie B. Howell, d. 27th Apr 1858 .

X-507 11 Jun 1858 John M. Jarnagin, formerly of this place and eldest son of the late Spencer Jarnagin, d. in Trinity Co., Calif. On 17 Apr 1858

X-508 18 Jun 1858 Martha A. Brown, y yrs. 4 mos. 27 days, daughter of William and Lucinda Brown, d. at home of her father nine miles East of Athens on 11th inst.of flux.

Mrs. Caroline Rowena Sample, wife of Mr. Thomas H. Sample and daughter of the late V.M. and Penelope Campbell, of Athens, do. In Charleston, S.C. on 2nd inst; born in Athens 26 Nov 1832; her mother was the daughter of the late Dr. W.H. Deaderick. During the month of Oct 1852 forth-one young persons were admitted to Mars Hill Church upon profession of faith and Mrs. S. was one of that number, and now four of that number have been taken away. A few weeks before her death, her husband left for Tenn. on business and was absent when the summons came. Her remains were brought to Athens and interred beside her mother. On removing to Charleston, she attached herself to the Church of which Rev. Dr. Dana is pastor. Dr. Dana writes that she requested the sacrament and after that was administered, She only wished that her husband should be brought into the church…..

X-509 25 Jun 1858 and X-510, 2 Jul 1858 Mrs. Ann Fore (Mrs. Nancy Fore), 74, relict of the late Dr. Fore, d. at this place 21 Jun; native of N.C. but emigrated early in life to Tenn. and thence to Athens; Methodist; painful death.

X-512 16 Jul 1858 Mrs. Susan Melton, wife of Nathan Melton, Esq. D. in this county 18 Dec. last; ill for 17 mos.; leaves husband and children. Her funeral will be preached by Rev. C. Long at Weslyenna on 25, Jul.

X-516 13 Aug 1858, Friday Lucie Estelle Atlee, age 16 mos. 14 days, daughter of Dr. Jno. L. and Sarah Atlee, d. on Wednesday.

X-516 13 Aug 1858 Mrs. Nancy Maria Horton, wife of H.C. P. Horton, d. in Athens 8th inst.

X-517 20 Aug 1858 Jane Riggins, age 100, relict of James Riggins, a soldier of the Revolution, d. in this county on 17th inst.

X-520 10 Sep 1858 Florence Ann Parkinson, 15, daughter of James and Mary Ann Parkinson, d. 2nd inst.

XI-522 24 Sep 1858 C.M. Rutherford, about 32, d. at his residence in McMinn
Co., 11th inst.

XI-527 29 Oct 1858 Mary K. Gorusch, 48, wife of Wm. M. Gorusch, d. 23 inst; left husband and three children .

XI-530 19 Nov 1858 Jacob Fisher, about 80, d. in Cleveland on 11th inst; native pf Va.; resident of Athens for many years.

John Clark Mayfield, 11 mos. 25 days, son of Williams and Narcissa Mayfield, d. near Athens 15th inst.

XI-531 26 Nov 1858 James Wood d. 23rd inst, killed by a wagon overturning; originally from Va. He moved here a year or two ago from upper East Tenn.; leaves wife and several children.

Long obituary of Jacob Fisher.

XI-606 4 May 1860 Berry Jack held for murder of a man named Smith on 21 Apr 1860.

XII-65 19 Apr 1861 Thomas M. Crow, 22, native of Toronto and had been telegraph operator for a year or two in Athens, d. in Athens 17th inst.

XIII-658 3 May 1861 Rev. James Douglass, late of McMinn Co., d. at his residence near St. Charles, Madison Co., Iowa, on 6th ult.

XIII-663 7 Jun 1861 Thomas P. Wells, 60, d. 3rd inst; native of Rutherford Co., N.C.; long a resident in this county.

XIII-665 21 Jun 1861 Franklin Slover, 8 mos., son of John F. and Mary C. Slower, d. in Athens 15th inst.

XIII-666 28 Jun 1861 James Sloop, 41, d. of fever on 9 Apr 1861 at his residence in McMinn Co.; born in Lincoln Co., N.C. 1 Nov 1820; Ruling Elder in Mt. Cumberland Presbyterian Mrs. Mary J. Lafferty, 21, wife of Wm. L. Lafferty, d. in Athens 23rd inst.

Infant son of Charles F. and Margaret Ann Gibson, age 3 mos., d. in Athens 8th inst.

Mrs. Presha Cobb, 65, consort of Col, D.A. Cobb, d. in this county 21st inst.

XIII-668 12 Jul 1861 Sarah E. Brunner, nearly two years old, daughter of Pres. Brunner, d. of diphtheria 4th inst.

XIII-675 30 Aug 1861 Mrs. Nancy Crawford Culpepper, 42, wife of Joel Culpepper, d. in McMinn Co. 19th inst .

XIV-679 27 Sep 1861 Mrs. Elizabeth Lipscomb, near 80 years old, d. 9th ult at the residence of her daughter Mrs. John McMahan. She was born and raised in Richmond, Va. And was the daughter of John and Mary Pendleton and was related to many distinguished families in her native state. She was married at an early age to Spotswood Lipscomb and soon afterwards emigrated to Ky., whereshe remained for three or four years, then removed to Bean’s Station, still hoping as she did to the day of her d eath to return to her native State. While atBeans’ Station, her two oldest daughters married and moved to McMinn Co., whether she soon followed them, settling in Athens about 1833. She was the mother of seventeen children, only six of whom are now living; she was a member of the Presbyterian Church for near sixty years; lost her mother when she was five years old.

XIV-682 18 Oct 1861 John Gregory, 42, d. 8th inst. Tribute of Respect by Hiwassee Masonic Lodge.

XIV-691 20 Dec 1861 William A.G. Reed, who was cut and stabbed by Cobb on 12th inst. d. the day following.

XIV-691 20 Dec 1861 Capt. Pierce B. Anderson, for several years a resident of Athens, now of Lynchburg Artillery, was killed in battle near Cheat Mt. In Western Va .

XIV-696 24 Jan 1862 George W. Queener was mustered into Capt. Cooke’s Co. on 12 Dec last, and on the 19th he went into camp at Knoxville; on 11th he was taken with measles and started home on the train, but only got to the widow Bradford’s near Athens where he died on 17th inst…thanks to Mrs. Bradford for taking care of him and other sick boys.

XIV-699 14 Feb 1862 Death of Thomas E. Pettitt of McMinn Co., member of Capt. Gouldy’s Co. A, 3rd Batt. Tenn. Cav. Tribute of Respect by that Co., headed”Cumberland Gap”, 21 Jan 1862

XIV-700 21 Feb 1862 The body of Capt. Jo. Dixon, who was killed in the fight at Fort Donelson on 14th, reached this place on Sat. morning in charge of Mr. Matthews, the member from Blount. Capt. Dixon was the son of Eli Dixon of this county and was in his 32nd year; educated at West Point Military Academy, graduating in 1858; for several years he served as a Lt. in U.S. in Oregon and Washington Territories. When Tenn. seceded, he registered, came home, and joined the Confederates at Richmond.

XIV-704 21 Mar 1862 John Wesley Byington, in his 9th yr., only son of A.R. and Mary Jane Byington, d. in this county 15th ult.

XIV-705 28 Mar 1862, Friday Col. John Crawford, aged and good citizen of this place for more than a quarter of a century, d. Tuesday; born Sullivan Co.

XIV-706 4 Apr 1862 William Armstrong d. at Morristown 28th Mar of catarrhal fever; he enlisted in McMinn Co. under Capt. J.B. Cooke on 23 Nov 1861; volunteered against the entreaties of a widowed mother.

XIV-709 25 Apr 1862 Tribute of Respect by Meridian Sun Masonic Lodge, Athens, to Henry Matlock, who d. 12th inst at residence of his sister Mrs. Arwine; left brothers and sisters.

XIV-712 16 May 1862 Alexander Casteel in his 63rd yr, d. 4th ult in McMinn Co. three miles Southwest of Athens. Also on 7th Apr at the same place, Mrs. Susannah Casteel in her 60th year. They had been married nearly forty years.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson, 27, wife of T.F Gibson, d. in this county on 13th inst.

XIV-716 13 Jun 1862 George Albert Gibson, infant son of Timothy F. and Elizabeth Gibson, was born 7 Dec 1861 and sweetly fell asleep in Jesus 6 Jun 1862

XIV-717 20 Jun 1862 Mrs. Amanda M. Bussell, wife of Wm. Bussell, d. in McMinn Co.17th inst.

James W. Long d. 24th ult, in his 74th year; born in Rockingham Co., Va. 21 Sep 1788; emigrated with his parents to Hawkins Co., Tenn. when he was a small boy; served two campaigns as a volunteer in the War of 1812; married 18 Aug 1814 to Nancy Reynolds, with whom he lived nearly 40 years; he removed to McMinn Co. in 1822; Methodist Mrs. Susan Love, wife of Thomas B. Love, d. in this county 8th inst.

Sgt. Daniel L. Foster, 19, son of S.W. and Amanda Foster of McMinn Co., d. of typhoid fever at Tupelo, Miss 3rd inst.

XIV-722 25 Jul 1862, Friday, John K. Jackson, an old citizen of this county, was run over by his horses and wagon last Thursday and so severely injured that he died in a short time.

John Lowry, 80, late of Washington Co., Va. D. in this county 21st inst.

XIV-724 8 Aug 1862 William Moore, 76, d. in McMinn Co. 24th Jul; born in Ireland and emigrated to vicinity of Washington, D.C. when young and subsequently to East Tenn.; large family of children.

XV-732 3 Oct 1862, Friday Jacob Womac, an old citizen of Meigs Co. near the McMinn line, was murdered by two of his slaves on Tues. of last week; he was some 60 years old.

XV-733 10 Oct 1862 Tribute of Respect by Board of Directors of Branch Bank for William C. Witt who d. 3rd Sep; his sermon will be preached in Decatur 2nd Sunday in Nov.

John Strutten, member of Capt. Prophet’s Co., of this county, d. at Loudon on Tuesday.

Capt. J.A. Russell, 26, of McMinn Co., who commanded a Company in the 59th (Col. J.B. Cooke’s) Tenn. Regiment, died of fever at Johns Station, 4 miles south of Tazewell on 31 Sep, on the March out of Ky.; son of Elder T.J. Russell; a Professor in the State Deaf and Dumb Institute at Knoxville and a graduate of Mossy Creek College; buried in Mossy Creek College burying ground, Jefferson Co. His wife and relatives were unable to reach him before he died.

XV-741 5 Dec. 1862 S.W. Foster, 42 yrs. 5 mos. 3 days, d. 15th ult; born Rutherford Co., N.C. 12 Jun 1820, and shortly afterwards moved with his parents to McMinn Co.; devoted to Southern independence, he gave his only son and then volunteered himself. Tribute of Respect for him by Company E, Cav. Batt. At Camp Gordon, Meigs Co.

Mr. James Buckner, one of oldest citizens of this county, d. Monday last.

Fannie McFarland Bridges, 3 yrs. 6 mos. 12 days, daughter of George W. and Ellen Bridges, d. in Athens 29th ult.

XV-744 26 Dec 1862 Mary Ann Tabitha Overby, 4, youngest daughter of Hiram and Araminta Overby, d. 21st inst of croup.

XV-750 6 Feb 1863 Nancy Smith, 64 yrs. 8 mos., wife of Silas Smith, d. 13th ult; Baptist; a citizen of McMinn Co. for 22 years and for last 7 years of Hamilton Co., where she died.

James Culton, 85, d. at residence of his son near Charleston.

XV-753 27 Feb 1863 Robert T. Gettys, 35, sib if James Gettys of Sewee Mills, Tenn. d. 13 Feb 1863 at Tate Springs, Grainger Co.

Andrew McMullen Magill, 4 yrs. 1 mo. 1 day, son of James H. and Sarah Magill, d. at Mouse Creek 21st inst; buried by side of brother Wallace who died in 1855,only six days older at time of his death than little Mack

XV-756 20 Mar 1863 John B. Hood, in his 87th year, d. 4th inst at residence of Col. Moses Cunningham, McMinn Co.; printer; many years in newspaper business East Tenn. and North Georgia; proprietor of first paper ever published in this place and the oldest member of the press-gang in the State.

Peter Snider, 34, second son of Moses Snider, d. 7th ult in McMinn Co., of a disease contracted in the service of his country; member of Capt. Sandusky’s Co.; letter of condolence from Capt. Sandusky to the father of the deceased and to his widow.

Jarvis Williams, about 50, d. at Loudon, Tenn. in Jan last; a printer, and twenty years ago was connected with the publication of a newspaper at Athens. He was discharged from the present war because of age and disability; he was acting as Supt. Of the hospital at Loudon; buried at Benton, Polk Co. where he had resided for last ten years; leaves wife and relatives. From the CLEVELAND BANNER.

The Editor of the Post states that they worked together in Greensboro, Ala. in 1834 and 1835.

XV-758 3 Apr 1863 James M. Yearwood, about 37, d. 18 Jan 1863 at his residence in the First District.

XV-760 17 Apr 1863 Orran Dennis d. in Camp 24 Mar 1863, from measles terminating in consumption; member of Co. H, he was decently interred a half mile from Camp; was a member of New Hopewell Baptist Church. From Letter from Camp, 43rd Tenn. Regiment near Vicksburg.

1 May 1863 (No front page printed for this issue.) Caroline Queener, 14 yrs. 5 mos. 9 days, daughter of G.W. and Rachel Queener, d. in this county 20th ult; Methodist.

(torn) 26 Jun 1868 Mrs. Mildred Hale, wife of Thomas Hale Esq., d. in Athens on 22nd.

HIWASSEE PATRIOT, Published at Madisonville, Tenn. from January 1839 until 14 May 1839, when it was moved to Athens, Tennessee.

I-8 12 Mar 1839 Wm. M. Thomas, 18, d. at residence of his father in McMinn Co., 20th ult.

I-1 413 Jun 1839 Infant son, age 5, of Mr. and Mrs. Hatton late of Pa., d. in Athens 7th inst.

I-2 11 Aug 1839 Mrs. Mary Jane Bush, 32, consort of George Bush, d. in Athens26th ult.

I-22 8 Aug 1839 Jacob Augustus Rider, 7 yrs. 29 days, son of Henry and Margaret Rider, d. in Athens 2nd inst.

I-23 15 Aug 1839 Samuel Crew Brown, 2 yrs. 9 mos. 21 days, son of Elizabeth and Edward Brown, d. in Athens 7th inst.

I-24 22 Aug 1839 Eliza Casey, about 10 mos., daughter of Mr. D. Casey, d. in Athens 21st inst.

Marsellas Augustus Crew, 1 yr. 8 mos. 22 days, son of Pleasant Crew, d. in Athens 15th inst.

I-25 29 Aug 1839 Daniel Horton Sr., 87, Hero of the Revolution, d. in the county at the home of Daniel Horton Jr., 18th inst; native of Pa., after the war he moved to Washington Co., Tenn. where he lived until last five years.

I-26 5 Sep 1839 William Cate Jr. d. in this county 3rd inst. John Owens d. in this county on 25th ult, leaving his wife and one child.

I-27 12 Sep 1839 John Crew, 19 yrs. 5 mos. 21 days, son of Capt. Pleasant Crew, d. 10th inst.

I-28 19 Sep 1839 Matthew Wallace White, 6 yrs. 7 mos. 10 days, son of Thomas White Esq., d. in this place 16th inst.

Sarah Ann White, 8 yrs. 5 mos., daughter of Thomas White Esq., d. 17th inst. Martin Senter d. at his residence 6 mi. West of Athens on 15th inst.

Seaburn Senter, third son of Martin Senter dec’d, d. on the evening of same day Mrs. Nancy Senter, relict of Martin Senter dec’d, d. 16th inst. Their remains were interred in Athens burying ground on Tues. last in one grave; Methodist they left two little sons and an infant daughter.

I-35 7 Nov 1839 Resolutions on death of James G. Shook, a fellow craftsman, made at meeting of Printers of Athens on Wed. 6 Nov 1839; burial from his parents residence.

I-40 12 Dec 1839 James M. Cooper, eldest son of Ebenezer Cooper of this place d. in Athens Sat. 8th inst.

I-45 16 Jan 1840 Mary Eleanor Gaut, daughter of James and Rosamond Gaut, d. in McMinn Co. 9th inst; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

I-46 23 Jan 1840. Thursday Edward Gant Shook, 22, d. in Athens at residence of his father on Sunday 20th inst.

II-8 30 Apr 1840 David Reid Sr., 82, d. in this place 24th inst; another Revolutionary Soldier gone; native of Ireland; emigrated with parents to America; leaves affectionate family.

II-14 16 Jun 1840 Nancy Parkinson, 54 yrs. 9 mos. 7 days, consort of Emanuel Parkinson, d. 4th inst.

John Henry Ward, 7 weeks, infant son of Levin and Charity Ward, d. 9th inst. in this place

II-15 23 Jun 1840, Tuesday Martha Helena Brown, 2 mos. 19 days, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Brown, d. in this place Sat. last.

Dr. A.P. Fore died about two weeks ago in Ky., where he had gone with his family for a visit with relatives.

II-21 4 Aug 1840 Wm. R. McCarty, about 23 or 24, d. at the Washington Hotel in this place, on Thurs. 30th Jul.

II-26 18 Sep 1840 Andrew J. Baker d. 27th ult, age 22.

II-27 15 Sep 1840 Died at his residence in McMinn Co., 20 Aug last, Mr. John Atkinson, in his 45th year…two days before his death his daughter aged 9 died…another daughter Eliza Jane died also on the 3rd inst and Mrs. Rebecca Atkinson also died on the 3rd inst…father and mother and two daughters in two weeks, leaving three children. Signed M.C. Hawke, Calhoun, Tenn., 4 Set 1840. Emiline Maples, 25, d. at residence of her father in this county on 4th inst.

II-28 22 Sep 1840 Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson , consort of Wm. W. Anderson late of this place, d. 12th inst in Chattanooga. Miss Mary H.D. Brazeale d. at house of Wm. W. Anderson in Chattanooga on 12th inst; she had gone on a visit.

II-30 6 Oct 1840 Mrs. Mary Stephenson, 31, consort of Robert Stephenson, Esq., d. 25th ult at residence of her husband, leaving tender infants.

II-38 1 Dec 1840 Simeon Cate, death…caused by being intoxicated and lying out in the cold on Thursday night last…was found on Friday morning about one half mile from town on the grade of the Railroad; expired in the evening at his residence about two miles from town, leaving a disconsolate widow and several children.

II-40 15 Dec 1840 Mrs. Mary Ann Shook, 78, d. in this place on 8th inst.

II-45 19 Jan 1841 Eliza Caroline Howard, 10, d. at her father’s residence in this county.

II-47 2 Feb 1841 William Ellis Riggs, 27, d. at residence of Jackson Smith, Esq. of this county, 2nd ult.


II-23 24 Feb 1827 Mrs. Rachel Peters, 82, wife of Christian Peters, d. 15th inst.

VII-11 25 Oct 1832 Mrs. Rebecca Hiatt, 29, consort of Mr. Job Hiatt (Silversmith) d. 20th inst, of acute inflammation of the liver.


I-20 1 Dec 1824 d. 17 ult at Cherokee Agency, Joseph McMinn, former Gov.

III-110 27 Sep 1826 James McAmy, Esq. d. on the [SIC] ult at Athens.

III-121 13 Dec 1826 Stanwix Hord, aged between 28 and 30, d. Tues. last. Copied from the HIWASSEAN, Dec. 2.


I-26 2 July 1842 Margaret Henderson, 9, eldest daughter of Wm. And Harriet Henderson, died.

ATHENS COURIER, published at Athens, Tennessee.

VIII-3 19 Jan 1844 Sarah Elizabeth Welcher, 15, d. at residence of Gen. J.H. Reagan, in McMinn Co. on 15th inst.

ATHENS REPUBLICAN, published at Athens, Tennessee.

I-41 7 May 1868 Mary Jane Byington, in her 47th year, wife of A.R. Byington, d. very suddenly on Sunday morning 26th ult at 9 o’clock, four miles south of Athens.

I-51 2 Jul 1868 Mrs. Mildred P. Hale, 29, consort of Thomas Hale, d. 23 ult.

II-37 18 Mary 1869 Isaac N. Crow, 22 yrs. 4 mos. 12 days, d. 15th inst, of dropsy.

II-38 25 Mar 1869, Thursday James H. Melton, an aged citizen, d. last Monday at his home in this county.

Millard F. Basinger, 15, living in 15th District, d. suddenly 17th inst; he called to his uncle, F.P. Basinger.

II-44 6 May 1869, Thursday Robert McCrary, well known in this community, d. Mrs. Margaret Reed, 67, d. 4th inst.

KNOXVILLE REGISTER, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.

IV-199 16 May 1820, Tuesday John Tool, aged 30 or 31, d. 3oth ult at Calhoun in Cherokee Nation; left Maryville in perfect health on 15th and arrived in Calhoun on the 16th.

IX-433 26 Nov 1824 Joseph McMinn, Esq. late Governor, d. 17th inst at the Agency; was Indian Agent at time of his death.

X-479 14 Oct 1825 James Kennedy , formerly of Knox Co., d. at his residence in McMinn Co., 8th inst; old and respected citizen.

XI-542 10 Jan 1827 Died 15 ult at his residence in Athens, Samuel M. Armstrong, late citizen of this town.

XIV-681 2 Sep 1829 Dr. Benjamin C. Stout of this place d. 8th inst, in his 40th year; graduate of Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky.; Presbyterian Elder and a Mason; left wife and three small children; on 6th his remains were taken to the Presbyterian Stand where the funeral sermon was preached and from thence to the grave. From the HIWASSEEAN.

III-130 14 Jun 1843 Elliot Peck, 58, d. 2nd inst.

V-232 28 May 1845 Mrs. Elizabeth Rudd, 58, consort of William Rudd, d. 24th inst. Mrs. Eliza Jane Turner, consort of James Turner, d. 9th inst.

XL-35 4 Sep 1856, Thursday. P.H. Keith of Athens d. Tuesday last by drinking poison by mistake.

XLI-1 119 Mar 1857 Wm. F. Keith d. 5th inst in his 33rd year.

XLI-21 28 May 1857 Francis Boyd, Post-master at Athens, d. 20th inst. Rev. John Hoyle, 82, d. at his residence in McMinn Co. on 18th inst.

WESTERN CHRONICLE, published at Knoxville, Tennessee.

I-43 Mar 1830 d. 6th ult at residence in McMinn Co., John Hambright in his 68th year; was a soldier of the Revolution and fought at King’s Mountain; leaves aged widow and a family of children.

ATHENS POST, published at Athens, Tennessee.

XX-257 1 Nov 1872 Sudden death of Capt. Ben Wells on 26 Oct; born in Hawkins Co., to McMinn Co. in 1833.

XXI- 28 Feb 1873 (torn) Obituary of Mrs. Maggie C. Gibson, wife of T.F. Gibson, and daughter of Gen. John C. Vaughn, d. 24 Feb 1873; born Madisonville 1 Nov 1847; married 3 Feb 1867 in Thomasville, Ga. Leaves husband and a daughter . Tribute by East Tennessee Wesleyan University for Mrs. Gibson, a member of the faculty.

XXI-319 9 Jan 1874 John J. Dixon, d. Tuesday; long a member of Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.

Died at Calhoun 3d inst, Mrs. Munsey, widow of Rev. T. K. Munsey.

XXI-320 17 Jan 1874 Died 9 Jan 1874 at Moravian Seminary, Bethlehem, Pa., Miss Kate Wester, 17, daughter of C.C. Wester of this place.

XXI-322 30 Jan 1874 Mrs. Royston, wife of S.W. Royston of this vicinity, and daughter of the late Dr. Parshall, died 24th inst.

XXI-323 6 Feb 1874 Obituary for Mrs. Elizabeth Royston, wife of S.W. Royston; born Gettysburg, Pa. 27 Sep 1826; came to Athens with her parents.

XXI-324 13 Feb 1874 Mrs. Lois Deaderick, relict of the last Dr. Wm. Deaderick, died at Bristol 9th inst; brought here for burial.

XXI-325 20 Feb 1874 Barton Philpot died last Friday night, age 49; left wife and large family of children.

XXI-329 20 Mar 1874 Death of Dr. Saml. H. Jordan, 74, in Chattanooga; formerly of Athens.

XXI-331 3 Apr 1874 Obituary of Elizabeth Steed, 82, relict of the late Henry Steed; d. 29 Mar in McMinn Co.; has been making her home with son-in-law, Rev. J. Albert Hyden.

XXI-333 17 Apr 1874 Died at Athens on 11th inst, Mrs. Gardner, wife of William Gardner.

XXI-339 29 May 1874 Died at Riceville 20th inst., Mrs. Nancy Gray, wife of M.U. Gray and daughter of Daniel Coffey. Mr. Gray’s mother died in the preceding week, age 74, and on Sunday previous to death of wife, his infant daughter died.

XXI-340 5 Jun 1874 Tribute of Respect by Athens Masons upon death of James W. Prather; died 31 May.

XXI-341 12 Jun 1874 Funeral sermon of Mrs. Barnett late consort of Charles A. Barnett will be preached at Mt. Cumberland on Sunday.

Died, Mary Jane Paris 9 May, born 3 Jun 1840; leaves husband and seven little children; Methodist. She removed from McMinn Co to Hamilton Co.

XXI-344 3 Jul 1874 John M. Lane writes from Elko, Nevada, of the death of Washington Frady at Carlin, Jun 8, formerly of Athens; went to Nevada last winter

XXI-345 10 Jul 1874 Death in Chattanooga of William Ickes; body brought and buried from residence of son-in-law T.J. Dement.

Ed L. Brown, 68, died here 3d inst; born and raised in Knox Co. but a citizen of Athens for more than a quarter of a century; leaves wife and three daughters.

XXI-350 14 Aug 1874 Died at Graysville, Ill., 6th inst, Mary W. Helm, wife of former fellow townsman, Capt. John J. Helm.

XXI-351 21 Aug 1874 Died 7th, M.P. Garrison, 17, son of I.S. Garrison. Died, Mrs. Polly Matlock, relict of the late John D. Matlock, on 15th at residence of a son.

XXI-361 30 Oct 1874 Obituary of Wm. A. Grubb, 30, died in Athens 22nd inst; born and raised here. Died in 14th Dist. McMinn Co. 22nd inst, Pleasant M. Milligan, 63; former home was Jefferson Co.

Died Near Mouse Creek on 25 Oct 1874, Mrs. Nellie Cate, age 72 yrs, 7 mos. 23 days, wife of Elijah Cate; married over 50 years; ten children, oldest dead.

XXI-362 6 Nov 1874 Obituary of Miss Florence McCarty, 19, eldest child of John T. and Maranda A.H. McCarty, born in McMinn Co. and died in Cook Co. Texas 15 Oct 1874.

XXI-363 13 Nov 1874 Mrs. Jane Owen, about 50, wife of Wm. C. Owen, died suddenly last Sat.

Died in vicinity of Athens on Sunday, Mrs. Fannie Reed, about 78, was mother of Mrs. Owen above.

XXI-364 20 Nov 1874 Died 18th in vicinity of Athens, Mrs. Hettie Ann Shugart, 20, wife of E.D. Shugart.

XXI-365 27 Nov 1874 Death of Seth Bedford, Minden, La.; born and raised in McMinn Co.

Death of Mrs. Jane Metcalf, 74, wife of Chas. Metcalf, at Hutchins, Texas on 31 Oct at residence of son-in-law Capt. Lacey; lived in McMinn Co, for many years.

XXIII-366 4 Dec 1874 Died last Friday in vicinity of Athens, Gideon Egmon, son of the late Thomas Egmon.

Died in vicinity of Mouse Creek, Mrs. Faulkner, wife of Reuben Faulkner.

Died in Athens, 2nd inst, Letitia, infant daughter of Thomas A. Cleage.

XXIII-369 25 Dec 1874 Rev. Luke Dean, father of Pres. James A. Dean of Wesleyan University died here 20th .

Accidental death in 11th Dist. On 23rd of the 4-year old son of Mr. Wingo, by discharge of shot gun in the hands of a 11-year old son of Thos. A. Cass.

Seth Bedford, whose death was noticed previously, was shot dead by a man living on his place who had committed outrage and had been chastised by Bedford. Bedford was living on Red river, La. and leaves an estate of 40 to 50 thousand dollars. Among his heirs are W. C. Hafley of Athens.

XXIII-580 10 Jan 1879 Died in Jack Co. Texas, a few weeks ago, James B. Riddle, 62, born in McMinn Co. and went to Texas about 22 yrs. ago.

McMinn County TN,

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