8, Tanifsee Rv. Fort Smintorium

Directions for ____Fortiffications for this & following Days

while no proper care has ben taken in setting the pallisadors (ponchins) according to comone Knowledge: yea aginft Directions (manny times given Everyday) pallisadores has ben made lefs their 7 Inches in rocky ground & lefs 9 feet in clay ground: it is therefore necefsary that they (pallisadors) are Examined all round, thofe that are not 13 inches inches in Rocky ground are to be taken out, alfo thofe that are not in 2 ½ feet in clay ground, & such put in there soon, that are longe enough to be 13 inches in the Rocky ground and and leaft 2 feet in clay ground & all exept the gunports 6 feet 6 inches above the ground.

a Sergant with 12 men is to be ordered to have stones carryd in and out side the pallisadors to be round in the ground on the pallisadors in order to make them Self oie,

The pallisadors iwthin ______ Forts Esplanade are to be set from the entrance from the Smith 5 feet of one Hight, than 2 feet low once, & than longe once 10 feet till finishd _______the low once on the Right hand by the entrace from the Smith are only to be 1 ½ feet lower than the longe _______>

all the Reft hands are to be employd to make & carry pallisadors till a number of _00 are provided for the Esplanade of the Fort.

If the hands cannot be all employd agreable to the 4th articul here above they are to be employed in glens Fort to Levell that Spot________out where the houfes are to be build

The Smiths, Carpenters, & all other work mens in the fortiffication are not to be put to any work what so ever Disagreable to Directions of ________Ingeneer, except the Ingeneer is acquainte of it in writings & e has given his aprobation inwritings.

any men employed contrary to the above 6th articul is to be payd for that day be his employer, & not by the puplick.

any man, that don’t come to work except he is truly sick are to be forfite that days payment.

Wm DeBrahm

History, Letters,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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