Surname: Urquhart

Ancestor Register of Esther Steelman Adams

A Genealogy of the Lake Family

A genealogy of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbour in Old Gloucester County in New Jersey : descended from John Lade of Gravesend, Long Island; with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. This volume of nearly 400 pages includes a coat-of-arms in colors, two charts, and nearly fifty full page illustrations – portraits, old homes, samplers, etc. The coat-of-arms shown in the frontspiece is an unusually good example of the heraldic art!

1910 Alabama Census Map

Alabama Court Records

This page provides an extensive list of Alabama court records that have been transcribed and placed online.

Biographical Sketch of William M. Urquhart

WILLIAM M. URQUHART.- This gentleman, the son of James Urquhart, whose biography is immediately preceding, was born at the family residence near Napavine, Washington Territory, on the 22d of December, 1855. He remained on the farm till he had attained his majority. He then entered his father’s tore at Napavine, where he attended strictly to business and became thoroughly acquainted with trade, remaining there until 1880. In that year he removed to Chehalis, and began merchandising for himself. In this independent venture he was eminently successful, and had one of the largest mercantile houses in Lewis county. The confidence reposed

Biography of James Urquhart

JAMES URQUHART. – Many are the illustrations found, as we proceed with this history, of the qualities spoken of as “taking hold with the hands and dwelling in kings’ palaces.” The pioneers of this country dwell on their own townsites and on their own lands, which are frequently of more value than the domains of some of the kings alluded to; while their houses are often better than the palaces. The enterprises of our own “settlers” are, from the standpoint of real utility, of more magnitude than those of many of the old-world princes whose names are now famous. In