Biographical Sketch of Mrs. James Campbell Trott

(See Ward and Adair)-James Campbell Trott, born Apr. 6, at Woodburt, Tenn., educated there. Married March 1, 1868 Madora Stover, born Jan. 25, 1852 on Beattie’s Prairie, Delaware District. They are the parents of Birdie Adair, born Nov. 25, 1869; Eugene Homer, born March 18, 1873 and Willie Trott, born September 29, 1881. James Trott’s …

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Weymouth ways and Weymouth people

Edward Hunt’s “Weymouth ways and Weymouth people: Reminiscences” takes the reader back in Weymouth Massachusetts past to the 1830s through the 1880s as he provides glimpses into the people of the community. These reminiscences were mostly printed in the Weymouth Gazette and provide a fair example of early New England village life as it occurred in the mid 1800s. Of specific interest to the genealogist will be the Hunt material scattered throughout, but most specifically 286-295, and of course, those lucky enough to have had somebody “remembered” by Edward.

A History of Peaks Island Maine and its People

A history of Peaks Island and its people: also a short history of House Island, Portland, Maine. In presenting this history of two of the best known islands in Portland Harbor, it has been the intention of the author to give only the story of the early days of those islands, and of the families who have contributed to their history.

Biographical Sketch of W. L. Trott

(See Adair)-John Adair, a Scotchman, married Gahoka, a full blood Cherokee woman of the Deer Clan. Their son, Samuel, married Edith, a white woman, and they were the parents of Rachel Pounds Adair, who married Reverend James Jenkins Trott, who, as early as 1828, was the “general missionary” of the Methodist church among the Cherokees …

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