Surname: Starbuck

Edwin B. Macy at his Blacksmith Shop

Ancestors of Frederick Macy of New Bedford Massachusetts

The Macy family of New Bedford is among the oldest and most prominent families of Nantucket, the name having been identified with the business interests of New Bedford for the past seventy years. The first American ancestor of the family was Thomas Macy, clothier merchant, who came, it is said, from the county of Wilts, England, and was in Newbury, Mass., a proprietor; he was a freeman of Sept. 6, 1639. He removed to Salisbury and was town officer and deputy. He removed about 1659 from there to Chilmark; his was the first family on Nantucket island. He was a

Hussey and Morgan Families of New Bedford MA

HUSSEY-MORGAN (New Bedford families). These families, while not among those early here, are of approximately a hundred years’ standing in this community, and with their allied connections are among the very respectable and wealthy families of the locality, the heads of two of these families here considered being the late George Hussey and Charles Wain Morgan, who were extensively engaged in whaling and shipping interests here in New Bedford through much of the first half of the nineteenth century. Here follows in detail arranged chronologically from the first American ancestor the Hussey genealogy, together with that of some of its

Biography of Frank Washburn Starbuck

Frank Washburn Starbuck, president of The Journal Printing Company of Racine, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 8th of November. 1845, a son of Calvin W. Starbuck, owner and editor of the Cincinnati Times during the Civil war, at which period it was one of the strong forces in molding public opinion. Frank W. Starbuck spent the period of his boyhood and youth in his native city and obtained his education and preliminary training in connection with the printing business there, but became a resident of Racine in 1873, when a young man of twenty-eight years. The purpose of

Biography of Frank R. Starbuck

Frank Starbuck, secretary and treasurer of The Journal Printing Company of Racine, is of the third generation in active connection with newspaper publication, being a grandson of Calvin W. Starbuck, of the Cincinnati Times, and a son of Frank Washburn and Mattie (Raymond) Starbuck, the former the president of The Journal Printing Company of Racine. “To the manner born,” he has become the able assistant of his father in newspaper publication. He attended the public and high schools of Racine, being graduated with the class of 1894, and the following year, with all the other members of his father’s family,