Surname: Merrell

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. William Merrell

Corintha C. daughter of Pleas and Sarah Cheek was born March 2, 1875. Educated at Grove. Married at Vinita October 15, 1893 William, son of Asa C. and Emeline Merrell, born Mar. 9, 1865 in Saline County, Mo. They are the parents of Luvena, born May 5, 1897, married July 20, 1918, John Robinson and has one daughter Audra May, born May 7, 1920. Lola, born March 2, 1900, married July 5, 1920 Bee Garrison; Pleasant Chandler, born February 17, 1904; Jewell, born February 15, 1909 and Euphaetta Merrell, born February 24, 1912. Mr. and Mrs. Merrell are residents of

Biographical Sketch of Joseph B. Merrell

Joseph B. Merrell was born June 27, 1863, in Salem County, Missouri, the eldest son of Asa C. Merrell, a leading farmer raised in Georgia, and claiming the rights of a Cherokee citizenship. His mother was a Miss Akers, of Kentucky. After attending public school until his seventeenth year, Joseph entered the Marshall Academy, Marshall, Missouri, and there remained two years. In 1885 he studied law for one year at Lexington, Missouri, and from there went to Carrollton, Georgia, where he read law with his uncle, W. W. Merrell, ex-senator of the State; remaining with him until 1888, Joseph was

1830 Map of Cherokee Territory in Georgia

Biographies of the Cherokee Indians

Whatever may be their origins in antiquity, the Cherokees are generally thought to be a Southeastern tribe, with roots in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, among other states, though many Cherokees are identified today with Oklahoma, to which they had been forcibly removed by treaty in the 1830s, or with the lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokees in western North Carolina. The largest of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes, which also included Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles, the Cherokees were the first tribe to have a written language, and by 1820 they had even adopted a form of government