Surname: Lore

Ancestor Register of Esther Steelman Adams

A Genealogy of the Lake Family

A genealogy of the Lake family of Great Egg Harbour in Old Gloucester County in New Jersey : descended from John Lade of Gravesend, Long Island; with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. This volume of nearly 400 pages includes a coat-of-arms in colors, two charts, and nearly fifty full page illustrations – portraits, old homes, samplers, etc. The coat-of-arms shown in the frontspiece is an unusually good example of the heraldic art!

Biography of Moses Lore

MOSES LORE. – It is with especial pleasure that we respond to the invitation to say a few words relative to the career of the estimable gentleman and distinguished pioneer whose name is at the beginning of this article because he is perhaps the oldest resident of Union county, and also because he has been a potent factor in developing not only the resources of this county, but of other frontier regions in his long and eventful life. The whole range of frontier life, as trapping, mining, fighting Indians, beating off robbers, and breaking up the virgin soil, and establishing