Surname: Kranz

Biography of William H. Kranz

For more than seventy years the name of Kranz has been associated with the business development of Racine and has long been a synonym for progressiveness and reliability in commercial circles. The wholesale paper and stationery business conducted under the name of Kranz was established by John Kranz and since his death has been conducted by his son, William H. Kranz, whose name introduces this review. The latter was born in Racine, July 18, 1856, and the former in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Having arrived at years of maturity, he wedded Elizabeth Ritchie, a native of Lensburg, Switzerland. It was in the

Biographical Sketch of Bros. Bownam & Kranz

The firm of Bowman & Kranz Bros., lumber and coal dealers of Holstein, Iowa, was organized July 1, 1886, purchasing the business of S. H. Bowman Lumber Co., the pioneer lumber dealers of Holstein. Their large building, 80 x 100 feet, with all the smaller buildings, were located near the railroad depot. H. G. Kranz was born in Altenberg, near Cassel, Germany, February 7, 1865, a son of Adam and Elizabeth Kranz. He received a good education in his native language, attending school until 15 years of age. When eighteen, he came to Odebolt, Iowa, Sac. Co., and found employment