Surname: Hoy

Title Page for Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County Pennsylvania

Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County, PA

Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County, Pennsylvania – comprising a historical sketch of the county, by Samuel T. Wiley, together with more than five hundred biographical sketches of the prominent men and leading citizens of the county.

Biography of Rufus B. Hoy

Rufus B. Hoy. A resident of Champaign County almost forty years, Rufus B. Hoy after a brief visit determined that this county should be his permanent home, and here his industry has borne fruit and his name is one that is spoken with honor and respect. Mr. Hoy was born in Hancock County, Ohio, November 6, 1850, son of Abraham and Mary (Fellers) Hoy. His father was a native of Pennsylvania and his mother of Ohio and both their ancestors several generations back came from Germany. Abraham Hoy and wife had twelve children, six sons and six daughters, Rufus being

Biography of Fred Hoy

Fred Hoy is one of the younger factors in the agricultural enterprise of Champaign County. He took hold of farming as a practical proposition in early life, and the ten years or more he has applied to that business have been in a high degree profitable. He now looks after the management of one of the best places in Urbana Township, located in section 24. Mr. Hoy was born on the old farm in that township June 10, 1885, a son of Rufus B. and Martha (Arrington) Hoy. His father was born in Ohio and his mother in Indiana. They