Surname: Hawk

Slave Narrative of George Fortman

Interviewer: Lauana Creel Person Interviewed: George Fortman Location: Evansville, Indiana Place of Residence: Cor. Bellemeade Ave. and Garvin St. Evansville, Indiana Occupation: Professor of faith in Christ, Janitor Ex-Slave Stories District 5 Vanderburgh County Lauana Creel INDIANS MADE SLAVES AMONG THE NEGROES. INTERVIEWS WITH GEORGE FORTMAN Cor. Bellemeade Ave. and Garvin St. Evansville, Indiana, and other interested citizens “The story of my life, I will tell to you with sincerest respect to all and love to many, although reviewing the dark trail of my childhood and early youth causes me great pain.” So spoke George Fortman, an aged man and

Biography of Otis G. Hawk

Otis G. Hawk, a native son of Champaign County, long identified with the agricultural enterprise of this section, has directed his efforts with such good purpose that now, at the age of fifty, he is able to retire and enjoy the comforts of a good town home in the village of St. Joseph. Mr. Hawk was born southeast of Urbana, May 5, 1867, a son of Isaac and Mary F. (Hiett) Hawk. His parents were born and married in Ohio, and they came to Champaign County in the early days, where they endured many of the hardships incident to pioneer