Surname: Greathouse

Vandalia Colony

Lord Dunmore’s War

The war in 1774 with the Indians, known as “Dunmore’s War” had its origin from the murders committed upon Indians by the Virginians in the region of the upper Ohio.

Narrative of the Captivity of Capt. William Hubbell – Indian Captivities

A Narrative of the desperate encounter and escape of Capt. William Hubbell from the Indians while descending the Ohio River in a boat with others, in the year 1791. Originally set forth in the Western Review, and afterwards republished by Dr. Metcalf, in his “Narratives of Indian Warfare in the West.” In the year 1791, while the Indians were yet troublesome, especially on the banks of the Ohio, Capt. William Hubbell, who had previously emigrated to Kentucky from the state of Vermont, and who, after having fixed his family in the neighborhood of Frankfort, then a frontier settlement, had been

Biography of Frank M. Greathouse

FRANK M. GREATHOUSE, The leading clothing merchant of Elwood, Mr. Greathouse, became a resident of what was then a small town more than twenty-six years ago, and began his career as clerk in one of the local stores, He has advanced himself through his own ability and by persistent application of industry and good judgment and now enjoys a prosperous position second to none among the larger business men of this city. Frank M. Greathouse was born in Hillsboro, Ohio, August 16, 1859, a son of John and Carolina (Van Winkle) Greathouse, both of whom were natives of Ohio, The