Biographical Sketch of Joseph England

Joseph England married Mary Reed, of Virginia, and settled in Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1833. Their children were David, William, Joseph, Jr., James, John, Riley, Elizabeth, and Nancy. James married Elizabeth Russel, who died in 1874. John died in California, unmarried. The rest of the children married and settled in different States.

Genealogy of the Cherokee England Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 David England. Susan A. Conner 1112  Martin England 2 Louisa England. Robert Blackstone 3 Irene England. Lee Scrimsher 4 Pinson England* 5 Carlton England* 6 Arminda England. William England, Isaac Scrimsher and Elias Jenkins 7 Mitchell England. Lucinda Jones 8 Saphronia England. Thomas Monroe 9 Sabra E. …

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