Surname: Cobleigh

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont vol 1

Genealogical and Family History of Vermont

Hiram Charlton took on the publication of the Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont for Lewis Publishing. In it, he enlisted the assistance of living residents of the state in providing biographical and genealogical details about their family, and then he published all 1104 family histories in two distinct volumes.

Biographical Sketch of Eleazer Cobleigh

Eleazer Cobleigh was an early settler in Chesterfield, being here as early as 1776. The first grist-mill as previously mentioned, was probably built by him. Dan Cobleigh was also an early settler, being here as early as 1770, Jonathan Cobleigh, also an early settler, purchased property here April 13, 1763. Jonathan Cobleigh, Jr., is also mentioned here in the tax list of 1770. His children were Lemuel, Lvdda, Jonathan, James, and Sally and Lydia, twins. Oliver Cobleigh was here in 1770, and reared a family. John Cobleigh’s name appears here in 1776. His son John, born April 10, 1776, married

Biography of J. C. Cobleigh

For three decades J. C. Cobleigh has made his home in Bartlesville, arriving here at an early period in the development of the town, and with its subsequent growth and up-building he has been prominently identified, having extensive farming and stock-raising interests and also being a large oil operator. He is a keen, farsighted business man whose well matured plans are promptly executed, and opportunity has ever been to him a call to action. A native of Pennsylvania, Mr. Cobleigh was born December 15, 1873, of the marriage of C. C. and Mary (Mahoney) Cobleigh, the former of Scotch-Irish descent,