Logan County, Kentucky Wills – Book A, with index

The wills in this book come from Book A of the Wills found at the Logan County Court house in Russellville, Kentucky. The information was extracted in 1957 by Mrs. Vick on behalf of the DAR located in Russellville. The text in this book was done with an old manual typewriter and has the usual faint and filled-in type often found with such papers. On top of the difficulty in interpreting the print from the typewriter, the scanning process was also deficient, and led to the creation of a faint digital copy exacerbating the difficult to read text.

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Slave Narrative of Lucinda Vann

Lucinda Vann, born between 92 and 100+ years old, recounts her life on the Vann plantation in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, where she was born to enslaved parents in the master’s bedroom during an emergency. Raised in the Vann household, Lucinda describes a plantation managed by wealthy Cherokee owners Jim and Jennie Vann, boasting decent conditions for slaves, who were well-fed, finely dressed, and participated in plantation festivities. Lucinda had a favored horse, Black Hock, gifted by Missus Jennie, with earnings saved for her. Post-war, Lucinda, reflecting on the social inequalities, elected to join the Catholic church and later attempted to flee to Mexico during turmoil, only to return to a depleted plantation. The narrative captures a blend of personal triumphs amid the harsh realities of slavery, retaining a deeply ingrained cultural heritage and the complexities of identity and belonging in post-Civil War America.

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Marriages of Orange County, Virginia, 1747-1810

Catherine Lindsay Knorr’s Marriages of Orange County, Virginia, 1747-1810 stands as a pivotal work for genealogists and historians delving into the rich tapestry of Virginia’s past. Published in 1959, this meticulously compiled volume sheds light on the matrimonial alliances formed within Orange County, Virginia, during a period that was crucial to the shaping of both local and national histories. The absence of a contemporary marriage register presented a formidable challenge, yet through exhaustive examination of marriage bonds, ministers’ returns, and ancillary records, Knorr has reconstructed a reliable record of these marriages.

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