South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company D.

CAPTAINS: Hester, S.J., Allen, T.W.

LIEUTENANTS: Owen, J.T., Carlisle, J.C., Power, E.P., Carlisle, R.H., Prince, H.M., Cunningham, J.R., McGee, M.M.

SERGEANTS: Kennedy, J.T., Allen, J.B., Hester, J.J., Clark, A.D., Gibert, J.S., McCurne, W.L., Clinkscales, L.C.

CORPORALS: Norwood, O.A., Bowen, L.M., Boyd, D., Barnes, A.J.

PRIVATES: Alewine, J.H., Allen, J.B., Allen, S., Burress, W., Bell, J.H., Bass, J., Black, J.P., Boyd, R.P., Brooks, R.H., Brooks, J.M., Bowen, L., Bowen, W., Burton, R.H., Barnes, J., Barnes, W., Basken, J.F., Beaty, W., Caldwell, E., Cowen, H.F., Cromer, H., Cunningham, J.D., Clark. A.D., Campbell, W.H., Campbell, M.B., Calhoun, J.C., Calhoun, W.N., Carmbe, J., Clinkscales, W.R., Davis, B.A., Danelly, J., Dunlop, W., Edwards, E.E., Edwards, F., Freeman. H., Freeman, R.V., Fleming, W., Frisk, J., Hogan, J., Hogan, W.A., Hall, Tuck, Hall, A., Hall, H., Harkness, W.B., Haddon, S.P., Hill, J.A., Huckabee, J.P., Hester, J.J., Hutchinson, B.F., Hodges, W.A., Hunter, T., Johnson, G.W., Jones, C.C., Kennedy, L.D., Kennedy, I., Kennedy, J.T., Kay, W.A., Longbridge, W.S., Longbridge, L.L., Latimer, W.A., McCurrie, M.C., McCurrie, W., Mauldin, A., Mauldin, H., McDaniel, —-, Morrow, W.R., Martin, H., Melford, C., Moore, T.A., McComb, J.F., McAdams, S.T., Newby, J.N., Norwood, O.H., Oliver, P.E., Presly, R.A., Powell, J.W., Russell, W.H., Ritchie, W., Ritchie, J.A., Starks, J.S.H., Sanders, J.W., Sanders, J., Shaw, J.A., Shaw, J.C., Shoemaker, A.M., Scott, J.E., Scott, J.J., Stevenson, J.E., Speers, E.H., Taylor, E.M., Taylor, M.T., Watts, A., Williams, B.W., Wilson, J.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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