Biography of Frank Shephard

One of the men who have wrought this western country for the development of the same, and because of his good achievements and the faithfulness displayed in the work that he has done, as well as the uprightness and morality shown in his personal demeanor, is the subject of this sketch, who is entitled to representation in this volume that purports to give the history of Wallowa county, and also the careers of the leading men of the same.

Frank was born in Kane County, Illinois on August 14, 1850, being the son of Donald M. and Priscilla L. (Williams) Shephard. In 1854 the family crossed the plains, coming hither in a train composed of thirty-five wagons. The trip was attended with danger from the savages, who took fourteen oxen, at one time and sixty at another. In due time they reached Independence, Polk county, where the father took land and remained until the time of his death, March, 1870 (?). The mother is still living near Keating, Baker County. Our subject was educated in Polk County, and remained with his parents until the father’s death.

On June 8, 1870, Mr. Shephard married Miss Sarah F., daughter of Henry B. and Charlotte S. (Pearson) White, who immigrated to Marion county from Missouri in 1851 with ox teams and lived there until 1864, then removed to Yam Hill county and remained there until the time of their death in 1896. Mrs. Shephard was born on April 5, 1855, in Marion County, Oregon. In 1870, just subsequent to their marriage, our subject and his wife removed to Umatilla county. In a few years they removed to Yam Hill county. From there they removed to Wingville, Baker County. From there they removed to Yam Hill County again and in 1864 came to Elgin, Union county. It was in 1899 that they came to their present place seven miles north from Lostine. Mr. Shephard took a homestead, which is well watered and is now in good cultivation, and supplied with residence, barn, outbuildings, and so forth. Mr. Shepard also handles some stock, cattle and horses. To Mr. And Mrs. Shephard there have been born the following children: Malissa A., (deceased): Henry, deceased: Aimanza, deceased: Rufus J.: Amy C., wife of Elbert Garrett, near Elgin: Pearl, married to Lillie B. Minor: Iva P., deceased: Orlena F. Mr. Shephard is a member of the Modern Woodsmen of America, of Wallowa. He has taken an active interest in the political affairs of the county and has labored assiduously for the cause of education, being at the present time director of the district.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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