Mishikhwutmetunne Indians

Mishikhwutmetunne Indians. Signifying “people who live on the stream called Mishi.” Also called:

  • Coquille, or Upper Coquille, from their habitat.
  • De-d’á tené, Tutuni name, meaning “people by the northern water.”
  • Ithalé tĕni, Umpqua name.
  • Kukwil’, Alsea name (from Coquille).

Mishikhwutmetunne Connections. The Mishikhwutmetunne belonged to the Athapascan linguistic stock, their relations being particularly close with the Tututni.

Mishikhwutmetunne Location. On upper Coquille River.

Mishikhwutmetunne Villages

The following were recorded by J. O. Dorsey (1884):

  • Chockreletan, near the forks of Coquille River.
  • Chuntshataatunne
  • Duldulthawaiame
  • Enitunne
  • Ilsethlthawaiame
  • Katomemetunne
  • Khinukhtunne
  • Khweshtunne, next above Coquille City.
  • Kimestunne
  • Kthukhwestunne
  • Kthunataachuntunne
  • Meshtshe
  • Nakhituntunne
  • Nakhochatunne
  • Natarghiliitunne
  • Natsushltatunne
  • Nilestunne
  • Rghoyinestunne
  • Sathlrekhtun
  • Sekhushtuntunne
  • Sunsunnestunne.
  • Sushitakhotthatunne.
  • Thlkwantiyatunne
  • Thltsharghiliitunne
  • Thltsusmetunne
  • Thlulchikhwutmetunne
  • Timethitunne
  • Tkhlunkhastunne, next to the Kusan people and below Coquille City.
  • Tsatarghekhetunne
  • Tthinatlitunne, at the site of Coquille
  • Tulwutmetunne
  • Tuskhlustunne
  • Tustatunkhuushi

Drucker (1937) recorded besides:

  • Hweshtun (perhaps partly Kusan)
  • Natgrilitun
  • Stonerutltutl, a suburb of Natgrilitun.
  • Tlunhoshtun, said to have come from Umpqua.

Mishikhwutmetunne Population. (See Chastacosta Indians) The census of 1910 returned 15 Mishikhwutmetunne under the name Upper Coquille.

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