McCauley, Donald R. – Obituary

Squirrel Poison Cause Of Infant’s Death

 McCauley, Donald R., eight months old son of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. McCanse, died from eating squirrel poison Friday of last week. The child was rushed to the hospital in Baker, but death came to the little one just as the hospital was reached.

According to report, the father had been engaged in distributing squirrel poison on the McCanse ranch in the Clover creek district that day, and returning to the home, in taking a handerchief from his pocket, caused a few kernals of poisoned grain, which had lodged in the pocket of his coat, to drop to the floor. These were picked up by little Donald and placed in his mouth unnoticed by his parents, until he became ill.

The attempt to save his life by the long drive from the McCanse ranch home on Clover Creek to Baker, failed.

Funeral services were conducted and burial made at Union Monday.

North Powder News
Saturday, May 28, 1927

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