Isolated Graves in Union County, Oregon

In Union County or on its borders

ALLEN, David; b 1889, d 1893;
LE GORE, Archie; b 1878, d 1893

(Both names are on a single stone at old homestead site on abandoned railroad grade, 500 yards north of road from Telocaset to Medical Springs at point 1.2 miles east of its junction with Thief Valley road, 14.6 miles S.E. of Union; on line between Section 18, T.6S., R.41E. and Section 13, T.6S., R.40E. Diphtheria victims.)

DELANEY, Bobbie; b 13 October 1907, d 30 March 1908

(Grave is on Clark’s Creek, 9.3 miles from junction of Clark’s Creek road with Oregon Highway 82; on north side of road, on hillside in fenced enclosure. In S.E.1/4 of S.E. 1/4 of Section 14, T.1 S., R.40E.)

BUTTS, Sarah M.; b 1852, d 1889;

(Grave is 1 mile southeast of Meacham Lake at point just a few feet east of fork in road; no enclosure; small flush stone set in cement; Section 15, T.1S., R.35E. On N. boundary of Section 15, Umatilla Co.)

DOCKWEILER, Marie Vogler; wife of John Dockweiler; d 3 April 1891

(Grave is on Beaver Creek, 3.3 miles southeast of Meacham Lake; enclosure with wire fence and steel posts just above road on left; marker is metal tag wired to fence. In N.E. 1/4 of Section 28, T.lS., R.35E. In Umatilla Co.)

MEACHAM, Harvey J.; b Orange County, Indiana, 1829; d Meacham, Oregon, 29 May 1872;
wife was Alice A. (born Iowa 1849);
had son Alfred F. (b 1868) and daughter Mary Grace (b 1869).

Grave is 4.1 mile southeast of present settlement of Meacham, in a lodgepole thicket at the edge of the meadow (in S.E. 14 of S.E. 41 of Section 3, T.lS., R.35E.)

STARKEY, John; b Ohio 1829; d Starkey, Oregon 1881;
wife was Eliza (b Ohio 1829 or 1830);
had daughter Aurora (b Iowa 1862);
had brother, George (b Ohio 1826, d Union, Oregon 1882);
had son in law, Ervin Carter (b Iowa 1848; probably husband of a daughter
other than Aurora, and deceased by 1880)
and granddaughter Elma Carter, b 1877.

Grave is north of Highway 244 at a point 13.5 miles S.W. of its junction with I80 N, between Highway 244 and the old railroad grade (In S.W. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of Section 35, T.3S., R.35E), on Starkey Creek.

CLAY, Rufus; b Fayette County, Kentucky (Lexington?) 24 November 1838; d 22 1889;
buried June 1890 (body had to be buried in snowbank until ground thawed).
A son, Vernon, age 10, died the same winter and is buried with him).

Grave is 50 yds west of Fox Hill Road at point 185 yards north of its junction. Robb’s Hill Road. Marked 1981. (in SW ¼ of NE ¼ of SW. ¼ of Section 14, T.2S., R.37E)

DOANE, Emilie; b 1631, d ca. 6 September 1868; from wagon train;

buried 50 to 100 yards north of Old Oregon Trail, about three miles due west of La Grande (In N. 1/2 of Section 10, T.3S., R.37E.)

“Teddie”; child; d 1923.

Grave is in the angle formed by Highway 203 and the National Forest Boundary fence, at the boundary sign, 12.4 miles S.E. of Union (In S.W. corner of the N.W. 1/4 of the N.W. 1/4 of Section 27, T5S., R.41E.). it is not on National Forest land. Surrounded by small white picket fence enclosure.

Union County OR,

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3 thoughts on “Isolated Graves in Union County, Oregon”

  1. Thanks. I forgot to also tell you the same discription should read the SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 3, T1S, R35E. I will run over to the area this next spring and check on the grave sites and see what we can find. The E-clampus-vitus group may be interested in putting up permanent markers. Meachams grave is a very important historical site. There is a marker in the Meacham cem. but it was put up with no proof of where he was actually buried. This lone grave site is likely the spot where he was killed. A newspaper report says they took him to Lagrande and buried him there. I believe this is entirely unlikely since he donated the land for the cemetery. No proof yet. I am searching papers, but slowly as I have to drive to Lagrande.
    Thanks so much. trying to get history recorded accurately. JO

  2. I believe there is a typo error in the Harvey Meacham grave site discription. It says 41 miles, but I believe it should be 4.1 miles. 41 miles puts the site clear out of the sec, township and range.
    I would like to know if there is a marker at this site. jpcrandall

    1. I believe you are right and I’ll change the description to reflect your correction. As for whether a marker still remains at any of these locations, I cannot say. The transcriptions were likely done in the 1960′s and it’s unknown whether any of the small plots still exist.

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