Grisham, Ira C. – Obituary

Ira C. Grisham, 51, a former resident of Maupin and a retired rancher of that section died at 8 o’clock Sunday morning following a dinner at his home on Friday evening when poison food was consumed.

Mr. Grisham’s wife, Nettie, is seriously ill, as is Mr. and Mrs. Perry Strong, now confined in The Dalles Hospital. All are reported in better condition but unable to leave their beds as a result of the family dinner.

According to the facts given by the guests and by Mrs. Grisham after they had taken sick, meat pie, beans, and canned beets had constituted the main victuals of the meal and in one of these the botulinus poison must have been hidden. Following the dinner, Mr. Grisham stated that one of the other articles “tasted funny,” but little or nothing was thought of it until all became violently ill and more especially Mr. Grisham. The poison was thoroughly rooted in his system and he became paralyzed within a few hours.

The others also sick were taken to the hospital where treatment was administered. Mr. Grisham seemed to rally and for several hours before his death, he was able to talk to friends and relatives who had gathered. He rallied but for a short time, later dying. Mr. and Mrs. Strong and Mrs. Grisham are still in the hospital.

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Mr. Grisham was the son of a pioneer family, one of the first to settle in the Willamette Valley. He had resided at Maupin for a number of years.

Funeral services were conducted from Zell’s at 11 o’clock yesterday morning. Rev. Joseph Knotts officiated and the Maupin Odd Fellows Lodge of which the deceased was a member attended the funeral in a body. The local lodge had a part in the services. [From another obit: Mrs. Grisham is survived by his widow, Nettie, and a sister, Mrs. Etta Morris of The Dalles; his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Grisham; a sister, Mrs. Emma Dibble and three brothers, Charles, L. R., and Oscar Grisham, all of Lebanon, Ore.; two nephews Arthur Morris of Maupin and Glen Morris of Myrtle Creek, and two nieces, Mrs. Pearl Dickson of Maupin and Mrs. Katie McCorkle of Wapinitia.]

The Dalles Optimist, March 15, 1929
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