Flora Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon


ABLE, Ida26 Jan 1831
ABLE, Rebecca4 Jan 183120 Jan 1910
ACTON, James E24 Jul 186914 Dec 1909
AGER, Nancy Jane18601948
APPLEGATE, James Samuel14 Aug 1935
AUSTIN, Arrunah27 Jan 187324 Apr 1932
AUSTIN, Effie May  Wife of Raymond M. Austin27 Nov 188220 Dec 1959
AUSTIN, Lincoln11 Sep 185924 Apr 1922
AUSTIN, Lyle Monroe4 Mar 190815 Nov 1927
AUSTIN, Moses  Co. A, 119th Illinois InfantryD. 78Y,6M,1D22 May 1913
AUSTIN, Nannie A.  Wife of Moses AustinD. 66Y,11M,18D5 Oct 1915
AUSTIN, Rayond Monroe25 Aug 187529 Jun 1937
BAKER, Donald   Son of Amy & William Baker31 Oct 19018 Dec 1918
BERNER, Gertie B.  Wife of James J. Berner27 Mar 184618 Nov 1938
BERNER, James J.6 Aug 185515 Sep1936
BINGAMAN, Infant   Daughter of Ina & I. A. Bingaman22 Oct 1899
BODMER, Robert H.  Son of Gloria & Delmer Bodmer7 May 190421 Sep 1904
BORK, Bertha E  Wife of Rudolph Bork3 Apr 185213 Nov 1934
BORK, Rudolph27 Mar 184618 Nov 1938
BOTTS, Bernard5 Jul 184116 Oct 1915
BOTTS, Blanche (Forbes)  Wife of Earl Botts189920 Jun 1942
BOTTS, Clarence Milto  Son of Eliza & Bernard Botts19 Oct 189517 Jan 1905
BOTTS, Eliza Ann (Powell)  Wife of Bernard Botts19 Jul 185324 Nov 1938
BOTTS, G.W.15 Jan 184911 Jan 1926
BOTTS, Harrol Dean14 Jan 19499 Sep 1949
BOTTS, Howard
BOTTS, Lulu  Daughter of Eliza & Bernard Botts9 Nov 188216 Dec 1903
BURNS, Edward D.  Son of Phoebe & H. A. Burns24 Oct 18938 Jul 1900
BURNS, Mary L.  Daughter of Phoebe & H.A. Burns1 Feb 190026 Sep 1908
BUZZARD, Mary A.  Daughter of A. D. & L. S. Buzzard3 Dec 189123 Feb 1894
CATTRON, Walter H.18871914
CLARK, Baby  child of George Collinson Clark and Nellie Mable
Courtright. Information sent by Mona Pomraning
28 Sep 19004 Oct 1900
COBLENTZ, William A.18761902
COLE, Claud Linford24 Aug 189810 May 1944
COLE, Grace L.  Wife of Claud L. Cole188819__
CONLEY, Nevin Esmond3 Dec 191610 Mar 1918
CONLEY, Susie Sabina19 Aug 187916 Mar 1920
CONRAD, Collins E.  Son of G. & T. D. Conrad6 Oct 190923 May 1910
CONRAD, Susan F.10 Sep 196818 Jan 1934
CONRAD, Theodore Dewitt  Husband of Gephelia Conrad19 Dec 187416 Mar 1951
CONRAD, William Robert  Husband of Eda F. Conrad186827 May 1930
COWEY, Baby   Baby of Mary & O. C. Cowey
COWEY, Mary E.  Wife of O. C. Cowey15 Oct 187722 Jul 1896
CURRY, Alexander James19 Feb 188826 Jul 1912
CURRY, Anna L.18931940
CURRY, Eliza Ann  Wife of William Curry18581922
CURRY, John18531935
CURRY, Lizzie  Wife of John Curry18571937
CURRY, Margaret J.  Wife of William G. Curry188819))
CURRY, Wilda Helen22 Jan 192218 Sep1939
CURRY, William18621938
CURRY, William G.  Son of Lizzie & John Curry18891961
DEVIN, Eliza  Wife of Nathaniel M. Devin 7 Aug 187322 Jul 1922
DEVIN,Nathaniel M.8 Apr 186031 Apr 1933
DEVIN, Odna  Daughter of Eliza & Nathaniel Devin7 Dec 188915 Jun 1892
DORAN, James A.186816 Apr 1941
DORAN, Martha Jane  Wife of James A. Doran6 Nov 187917 Dec 1966
DORAN, Mildred5 Feb 190710 Feb 1907
DORAN, Vern A.  Son of Martha & James A. Doran2 May19002 Sep 1900
EGGLEMAN, Charles Ruskin  Son of Emma & Joseph Eggleman18851914
EGGLEMAN, Emma C.  Wife of Joseph A. Eggleman27 Feb 185720 Mar 1933
EGGLEMAN, John Irl9 Oct 188928 Aug 1923
EGGLEMAN, Joseph A.25 May 18476 Jul 1931
EDWARDS, P. Lee11 Sep 18904 Jn1894
EVANS, Anthony Lee30 Mar 188913 Jul 1943
EVANS, Infant  Daughter of Clow & Samuel Evans
EVANS, Nancy  Wife of Mark Evans8 Jun 184210 Nov 1908
FORBES, Andrew Jackson23 Sep 18677 Nov 1947
FORBES, Francis Ann  Wife of Andrew J. Forbes22 May 187819 Feb 1936
FRAZIER, Charles H.188420 Jan 1925
FRAZIER, George Washington183919 Apr 1923
FRAZIER, Matilda185322 Aug 1929
MARTIN, Mabel Dunn  Wife of Robert M. Martin18801847 (?1947)
MARTIN, Mary L.  Daughter of Mabel & Robert Martin9 Aug 190429 Oct 1913
MARTIN, Milton A. Son of Mabel & Robert Martin18 Dec 190613 Sep1913
MARTIN, Robert Miller26 Mar 18724 Jul 1945
MARTIN, Ruby Adaline  Daughter of Mabel & Robert Martin26 Feb 19174 Mar 1926
MARTIN, Russell Lee12 Sep 18741 Jan 1956
MATTHEW, Esther E.  Wife of J. E. Matthew17 Jul 18441 Apr 1915
MATTHEW, J. E.  Born in Henry Co., Indiana1 Sep 18487 Sep 1920
MATTHEW, Melburn5 Sep190424 Oct 1905
MAXWELL, Zana LaBelle11 Jan 19277 Jan 1928
McCALL, Baby   Baby of M. E. McCall13 Sep 1925
McCALL, J. W.18481917
McCALL, Rebecca A.  Wife of J. N. McCall18541894
MYERS, Florence R. (Hager)18901909
NICOSON, Louis Conikay4 Mar 186211 Dec 1922
NICOSON, Susan C.24 May 186814 Feb 1941
POWELL, H. O.18901918
PUGH, Rachael28 Apr 18237 Aug 1905
REESE, John A.7 Jan 187122 Oct 1948
REESE, Mary Lela  Wife of John A. Reese8 Jan 187516 Dec 1918
REESE, Opal12 Oct 189930 Mar 1900
RICHARDSON, Jimmie24 Nov 191622 Jan 1920
ROGERS, Jonathon  Co. B. 12th Michigan Infantry
SCHMITH, Earl S.31 Jul 190511 Jul 1939
SCHMITH, Henry22 Apr 185913 Jun 1938
SCHMITH, Mary F.18 Aug 18607 Sep 1920
SHELTON, Ada Violet24 Feb 190318 Oct 1962
SPIRES, George18 Dec 18454 Dec 1902
STEVENS, Samuel21 Jun 1917
THOMAS, Lottie Irene  Daughter of S.D. Thomas5 Sep 189512 Jul 1914
VINCENT, _____17 Sep 18757 Nov 1897
WAKEFIELD, Nora L.24 Jul 187224 Nov 1940
WARNOCK, Baby9 Oct 1909
WARNOCK, Samuel B.30 Jan 186211 Nov 1927
WARNOCK, Tasy Ethel187228 Apr 1873
WEATHERMAN, Carroll Harston23 Nov 190314 Oct 1975
WILSEY, CliffordD. 12Y,0M10D
WILSEY, Harriett15 Aug 184319 May 1900
WILSEY, Maggie18841937
WRIGHT, Paul Winford10 Feb 191212 May 1912
WRIGHT, Pearl M.  Daughter of Arte & Willis Wright9 Jan 190227 Jan 1904
YAGER, Cornelius27 Apr 184418 Jan 1913

Wallowa County OR,

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