Biography of Franklin S. Bramwell

FRANKLIN S. BRAMWELL. – To the esteemed gentleman, whose life’s career it is now our privilege to give in brief review, we grant a representation in these chronicles of our county, since he is at the head of one of large industries of the county, and also because of the prominent place that he holds in the manipulation of the affairs of the strong church of the Latter Day Saints in this section. He is assistant manager of the Oregon Sugar Company of Lagrande, but is far more widely known as bishop of his church and lately in the more prominent office of president of the missions of the northwest. His jurisdiction extends over a diocese that is very large nad includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas and the northwest country of the British possesions as far east as Winnipeg.

Mr. Bramwell was born in Yorkshire, England, whence came so many of our most intelligent and thrifty citizens. Eighteen hundred and sixty was the date, his parents being George W. and Mary (Stevenson) Bramwell. They came to Ogden, Utah, in 1870, the father being a music and school teacher. He labored faithfully at these callings until two years since, when he was called hence and his remains are buried at Rexburg, Idaho. The mother is still residing at Ogden, Utah. Our subject remained dutifully at home with his parents in their service until he had attained hismajority, gaining, meanwhile, a good education in the schools and in private instruction from his father. He also, before the expiration of his minority, had learned the good trades of blacksmith and wheelwright. For twelve years after he had started for himself he worked faithfully at these trades. Then his ability and integrity received fitting recognition in being elected to the positionof clerk of the Fifth Judicial district of Idaho, serving in that capacity for six years. He rose steadily in the esteem of his church and held one office after another until he received a fitting compliment to both his ability and faithfulness in being chosen president of the missions of the northwest. This organization is called the Stake, which is divided into wards, that are ruled over by a bishop and the president has general supervision of hte whole territory mentioned, being called on to exercise much sagacity and discrimination in the solution of the weighty questions that come before him. In addition to these trying and responsible duties, he finds time to attend to the practical management of the Oregon Sugar Company. During his life Mr. Bramwell has given much attention to the art of music and has organized and trained a number of brass bands, besides much other commendable work of improvement in these lines.

Mr. Bramwell married Miss Emily Neal, a native of Birmingham, England, in 1881. Her parents came to Ogden, Utah, when she was two years of age. There have been born to this union six children: Franklin C., attending college at Ogden; Lester H., Ellen H., Irving M., Retta and Arthur L. In 1896-8 Mr. Bramwell made an extensive trip to Europe in the interests of his church and he was known as a power in the mission field. There are many of his faith in our county and their thrift, energy and good qualities are manifest to all. No more stanch and loyal citizens are within our borders. Mr. Bramwell states in terse language that the mission of their church is to lift up humanity morally and socially, and the object of the immigration to our county was to found homes for themselves and to aid in upholding the laws of the land and to put their shoulders to the wheel of progress and development of the resources that nature has so bountifully strewn here. And, indeed, no institution in the United States has a more worthy and wonderful record for pioneer work than has the same church and its upholders. The Stake, mentioned before, was organized on June 9, 1901, which speaks forcefully of the energy and skill of our subject,he having been the leading spirit in the matter. The date of the establishment of the church of his faith in this section is given by Mr. Bramwell as April, 1898.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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