Biography of W. C. Tayrien

No history of the agricultural development of Washington county would be complete without extended reference to the Tayrien family, for through more than a half century representatives of the name have taken part in promoting the farming interests of this section of the state. Throughout his life William C. Tayrien has lived on the farm which he now occupies or on the old family homestead in the same locality. His life has been one of industry and thrift and careful management and unfaltering diligence have brought to him a substantial measure of success. He was born December 20, 1889, on the old Tayrien home farm about three miles southwest of Bartlesville in a region renowned for its beautiful scenery, the house surrounded by a splendid grove of grand old oaks. Here his youth was passed in the enjoyment of such pleasures as engaged the attention of young lads of the period and in such tasks as parental authority assigns him. He was educated in the government school at Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and when his school days were over he took up the occupation of farming on a portion of the old home place. He has since successfully given his attention to the work of tilling the soil and caring for the crops. Today he farms one hundred and sixty acres of land and specializes in the raising of wheat and corn producing about forty bushels of corn and twenty-five bushels of wheat to the acre. He follows progressive methods in the care of his place and its neat and thrifty appearance indicates his wise management and careful supervision.

On the 23d of October, 1915, Mr. Tayrien was united in marriage to Miss Ida May Bennett of Caney, Kansas, and they have become parents of two children : Leonard and Dorothy. Mr. Tayrien is a man of splendid physique, being six feet, three inches, in height and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds. Alert and energetic, he is ever ready for any emergencies that may arise in the conduct of his farming interests. He owns a fine country home and orchard and highly cultivated fields, his progressiveness having at all times brought good results.

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