Biography of Shorry W. Ross

Among the collection of papers and charters of the reign of Alexander II, King of Scotland is a “Charter of Ferquhard Ross, of the Earldom of Ross.” it is dated 1220. This grantee was called Mac­an-t Sagairt, or the Priest’s son, and was supposed to be the son of Gills Anrias from whom the Highland Clan Aindreas took its name. Firquhard, Earl of Ross founded the abbey of Fearn in Rosshire. His son William was one of the Scottish nobles who, under Alexander III, bound themselves to make no peace with England in which the Prince and chiefs of Wales were not included. John, Earl of Ross was also Earl of Buchan and later Hugh became Laird of Balnagowain. His grandson Hugh, the third Laird of Balnagown married Lady Janet, the daughter of the Earl of Sutherland, suzereign of Suthernlandshire.

The Ross coat of arms, granted in 9681. bears the motto; “Floret Qui Laborat.”

Daniel Ross was born in 1760 in Suthernlandshire, Scotland. He married at Chickamauga in 1786 Mollie McDonald born November 1, 1770. She died October 5, 1808 d. Daniel Ross died May 22, 1830. Eliza Ross was born May 25, 1789, married John Golden Ross, born Dec. 22, 1878, died June 1858.

Daniel and Mollie Ross were the parents Jennie, born March 25, 1789 and married Joseph Cordey, born Feb. 19, 1779. d. Oct. 11, 1859. John Ross, Principal chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828 to 56; Susannah, born December 10, 1793 and married Henry Nave; Lewis, born February 20, 1795; Andrew, born December 19, 1793; Annie, born November 15, 1800 and married William Nave; Margaret, born July 5, 1803 and married Elijah Hicks; Marie, born January 13, 1806 and married Jonathan Mulkey.

John Golden and Elizabeth Ross were the parents of: William Potter, Principal Chief he Cherokee Nation; Daniel Hughes, Miss Jane, John Andrew, Miss Elnora, and is Anderson Ross. The latter was born July 2, 1834. Elected Senator from Tahlequad District in 1867, 1869 and 1873. He married on January 29, 1868 Miss Nellie Potts. He was elected auditor of the Cherokee Nation in 1869 and 1884. He died April 12, 1885.

Lewis Anderson and Nellie Ross were parents of: McDonald, born August 19,1869 Shorey W., born March 9, 1871; Eliza, born December 15, 1872; William, born January 5, 1875; Lewis Wirt, born March 7, 1800 and Daniel Ross, February 17, 1882.

Shorey W. Ross is the ablest literary individual of the Cherokee Nation and an unconscious follower of the old Ross motto of “He prospers who labors.” He depends for most of his material on the legend and folk, lore indigenous to his locality and the only, instances of errors in his articles are attributable to some few of the stories that are told to him, but with a true Scotch canniness he is generally able to, sift the true from the false- The literature of the Cherokees and the State lose many gems because of the natural reticence of one of Nature’s noble. men; Shorey W. Ross.

Robinson, Juliette M. (See Oolootsa, Ghegnu, Adair and Grant)-John Gunter Scrimsher, born August 17, 1835 in Alabama. Educated in the Cherokee public schools and Male Seminary. Taught school one terra at Greenleaf and married September 15, 1859 Juliette Melvina Scrimsher, born August 7, 1841. He was a Captain in the Confederate Service and a Senator in the Southern Cherokee Council during the Civil war. He was elected sheriff of Cooweescoowee District August 5, 1867 and August 5, 1877; Senator August 4, 1879 and August 6, 1883; Delegate to Washington 1883 and 1885, Senator August 1, 1877; District Judge August 1, 1893 and Senator August 2, 1897. He was killed by a lightning stroke on July 5, 1905.

John Gunter and Juliette Melvina (Candy) Scrimsher were the parents of Sarah Catherine, born July 27, 1866 married March 2, 1890 William Edward Sanders and died January 28, 1892; Elizabeth Bell born September 3, 1873 and married Stephen Riley Lewis; Ernest Vivian born July 2s, 1875 and married Susie Philips and Juliette Melvina born January 12, 1878. Graduated from Female Seminary June 1, 1898. Married May 10, 1902 Abraham Vandyke Robinson born April 18, 1878.

A. V. and Juliette Melvina Robinson are the parents of: Hubert Spencer, born April 2,1903; Lulu Elizabeth born March 18, 1906 Abraham Vandyke born August 9, 1911 and Juliette Melvina Robinson born January 26. 1914. Abraham Vandyke Robinson was elected Court Clerk of Rogers County, Oklahoma in 1918 and 1920. Mrs. Robinson’s Cherokee name is, Cowana and she belongs to the Deer Clan.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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