Biography of Rufus M. Allen

Rufus M. Allen, deceased, was for many years one of the representative agriculturists of Nowata county. He was born in the Coowescoowee district on the 12th of March, 1874, his father having been one of the pioneer physicians of Indian Territory, and his mother a daughter of Chief Journeycake.

Rufus M. Allen received his education in the common schools of his birthplace and after putting his textbooks aside engaged in farming. He followed agricultural pursuits until oil was found on his farm in 1905. Nineteen wells have been developed on this farm, from which his widow is receiving large royalties. Mr. Allen was well known in this county and took an active interest in all civic affairs. His demise occurred in 1908, and came as a severe blow to his family and many intimate friends.

On the 9th of February, 1906, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Allen to Miss Minnie Werther, a native of Coodys Bluff, and a daughter of G. W. Werther. Her father was born in Germany and came to America with his parents when but twelve years of age. He located with them in Ohio and resided on the home farm until he was seventeen years of age, when he came to Indian Territory. Soon after locating here he was married to Lucy Jones of Cherokee descent, and they are now residing near Tres Piedras, New Mexico, where the father is engaged in farming. They are still in possession, however, of considerable land, two miles north-east of Nowata, which they lease. Mrs. Allen was educated in the public schools of Nowata county and she is a woman of much culture and refinement. She is one of the prominent young matrons of this community and takes an active part in club and social affairs. She has a fine home on her sixty acres of land, one and one-half miles northeast of Bly, in this county. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Allen one son was born, Robert, who is fourteen years of age. He is attending the Allen school, District 36, which school was built by one of his uncles, Jess Allen. For three years Robert was a student at St. Joseph’s College in Muskogee.

The Allen family is one of the well known families in southern Oklahoma and a brother of the late Mr. Allen, Dr. R. I. Allen, is a prominent physician and surgeon of Nowata. Another brother, W. F. Allen, lives on a farm adjoining Mrs. Allen’s.



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