Nowata County OK

Biography of W. T. Bluejack

Since 1871 the Bluejacket family has figured prominently in connection with the development of Oklahoma along agricultural, industrial and legislative lines, aiding in laying the broad foundation upon which has been built the present prosperity of the commonwealth. W. T. Bluejacket has ably supplemented the efforts of his father, having for many years been numbered …

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Biography of W. W. Wood

W. W. Wood, an enterprising and progressive agriculturist of northeastern Oklahoma, owns a farm of one hundred acres situated six and a half miles southeast of Delaware, in Nowata county, where he has made his home for the past twenty-eight years. His birth occurred in southern Texas on the 2d of February, 1882, his parents …

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Biography of C. H. Fortner, M. D.

C. H. Fortner, M. D., has long enjoyed a well-earned reputation and position in the medical profession at Coffeyville. He entered practice with a thorough and comprehensive training and his fine talent soon attracted to him a patronage that has grown steadily in volume and importance, while his participation in progressive movements has made him …

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Biographical Sketch of Herbert F. Couch

(See Grant)-Herbert Franklin, son of James C., and Elizabeth (Collier) Couch, was born February 1875, in Italy, Texas. Received a college education in his native town. Married at Coody’s Bluff, March 1, 1896, Ida May, daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth (Bullette) Coker, born April 28, 1879, at Coody’s Bluff. Educated in the Cherokee National Schools. …

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