Biographical Sketch of Wiley B. Mayes

(See Adair and Downing) Wiley B. Mayes, born April 15, 1848, in Flint District.

Married in May 1872 Emma Bombrake, born in 1854.

They were the parents of Thompson, born July 6, 1875 and Sinie B. Mayes, born Oct. 20, 1876.

Mrs. Emma Mayes died April 18, 1877.

Mr. Mayes married February 11, 1879, Margaret Gillis nee McLaughlin born July 13, 1859. They were the parents of Lola Mayes, born January 11, 1880.

Mrs. Margaret Mayes died January 19, 1883.

Mr. Mayes married July 22, 1885 Ermina Cherokee Vann born February 26, 1856.

James Vann married September 17, 1829 Elizabeth Heaton, a native of Georgia. He died January 20, 1857 and she died May 6, 1860. They were the parents of Ermina Cherokee (Vann) Mayes.

Walter Adair, called “Black Watt’ to distinguish him from his cousin, Walter Scott Adair, who was called “Red Watt’ was born December 11, 1783, married May 13, 1804 Rachel Thompson, born December 24, 1786. He died January 20, 1835 and she died April 22, 1876. They were the parents of Nancy Adair, born October 7, 1808, married January 22, 1824, Samuel Mayes, born November 11, 1803 in Tennessee. He died December 30, 1858 and she died March 18, 1876. They were the parents of Wiley B. Mayes.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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