Biographical Sketch of S. H. Mayes Jr.

.—(See Grant, Foreman and Adair) —Samuel Houston, son of George Washington and Charlotte (Bushyhead) Mayes was born in the Choctaw Nation, October 11, 1866, educated in Saline District and Male Seminary, from which he graduated May 14, 1886.

Married on Markhams Prairie, August 2, 1892, Florence, daughter of Frank and Sarah Nicodemus, born at Tahlequah November 29, 1871.

They are the parents of Charlotte F., born May 6, 1893, married Robert Sanders; Pearl Christine, born November 19, 1894, married Robert Langston; Ruth, born July 15, 1896, and Sarah, born June 19, 1901.

Mr. Mayes is a farmer near Pryor. His Cherokee name is Sa-moo-sti. He was elected to Council from Cooweescoowee District, Aug­ust 5, 1901. He is the nephew of Principal Chiefs: Dennis W. Bushyhead, Joel B. and Samuel H. Mayes.

John Stuart was born in Scotland during the first quarter of the eighteenth century and was sent to Fort London on the Tennessee River as a Captain of a British Company of highland Scotch in 1754 . He married Susannah Emory a quarter-blood Cherokee and was known on account of his mop of hair as Oo-no-dut or Bushyhead. He and Susannah had one son, who never had any other names than Oo-no-dut and from that time forward the Stuarts in the Cherokee Nation have Invariably been known as Bushyhead.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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