Biographical Sketch of Robert E. Adair

Adair, Robert E. (See Grant, Adair, McNair and Ross) Robert Emmett, son of Brice Martin and Sarah (McNair) Adair was born in Salina District, December 16, 1861, educated at the Cherokee Orphan Asylum and Male Seminary.

Married November 8, 1893 Ida Lavinia Elliott, born at Muskogee, March 30, 1874, educated at Harrell Institute, Muskogee.

They are the parents of Rollin Elliott born September 4, 1894. George Washington, born March 27, 1896, Fredrick Burl, born October 3, 1897, John William, born December 22, 1899, Emmett Ray, born April 4, 1908 and Arthur Allen Adair, born September 7, 1911. Mr. Adair was elected District Clerk of Salina District, August 5, 1889.

In the first quarter of the eighteenth century, William Martin, a wealthy merchant of Bristol, bought the ship, “Brice” gave it to his son Joseph and sent him to Virginia to keep him from marrying a girl that the father objected to. Joseph married Susannah Childs and settled on a large estate near Charlottsville in Albernarle County, Virginia. Their son Joseph was elected Captain of Transylvania Militia in the American service in 1776, became Major February 17, 1779 and Lieutenant Colonel in March 1781. Elected Brigadier General of North Carolina December 15, 1787 and appointed Brigadier General of Virginia by Governor “Light Horse Harry Lee on December 11, 1893. The name Brice has always been used in the Martin descent both in and out of the Cherokee Nation. General Martin’s grand-daughter; Martha or “Patsy” married George Washington Adair and they were the grand parents of Robert Emmett Adair. Mrs. Ida L. Adair is the daughter of George Washington and Ann Eliza (Kerr) Elliott and grand-daughter of Fredrick A. and Louise Jane (Coody) Kerr.

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Mr. Adair belongs to the Wolf Clan and Mrs. Adair belongs to the Bird Clan.



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