Biographical Sketch of Mrs. W. P. Phillips

(See Grant, Daniel, Ghigau and Adair)-Jane Anna, daughter of James Allen and Johnanna Bell (Buffington) Thompson was born November 17, 1873. Educated in the Cherokee National schools and Female Seminary, from which she graduated June 29, 1893.

She married at Tahlequah January 9, 1895 William Penn, son of M. H, and Josephine Phillips born December 14, 1869. Educated in Delaware District and Male Seminary.

They are the parents of: Lulu Bell, born October 14, 1895. Educated in Kendall College, Chicago and New York, graduating from the former; Dewey, born March 27, 1898 and had the same educational advantages as did her sister, and William Penn Phillips, Jr. born Aug. 5, 1900, served six months in the United States Marines, receiving a medal for meritorious conduct.

The Phillips’ are members of the Methodist church. He is an Elk and she belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Joseph, the son of William Martin, a wealthy merchant of Bristol, England settled near Charlotteville, Virginia in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. His son Joseph was born on this plantation in 1740. Joseph Jr. became a fur trader and planter, amassing wealth. He was elected Captain of the Transylvania Militia in 1776 became Major, February 17, 1779 and Lieutenant Colonel in March 1781. His services were incited against the Tories and their Indian allies west of the Allegheny Mountains, they having been stirred to violence by a letter from the British Superintendent of Southern Indian affairs, dated May 9, 1776 calling on them for concerted action in surprising and killing the men, women and children of the revolutionists and their sympathizers. The south had been practically subjugated by the summer of 1780 and it was only by the efforts of such transmontane patriots as Major Joseph Martin that it was possible for a part of the soldiers of the Mustmer fountain to strike and destroy Ferguson at Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780 and thereby turn the tide in favor of the Americans. Major Martin was not at Kings Mountain as he was busy holding the British allies of the southwest at bay. In further recognition of his patriotic services, he was advanced to the lieutenant colonelcy, five months later. He was elected Brigadier General of the North Carolina Militia by legislature on December 5, 1787 and was commissioned Brigadier General of the Twelfth Brigade of Virginia militia by Governor “Light Horse Harry” Lee on December 11, 1793.

He died at Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia on December 8, 1808 and was buried with military and Masonic honors. He married Susan Fields nee Emory and their second child was Nancy Martin who married Peter Lynch. The eldest of their eight children was Martha Lynch born in March 801. Married in 1816, James Allen Thompson born July 4, 1795 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. She died September 19, 1861 and he died February, 10, Johnson Thompson married January 5, 1843 Eliza Christine Taylor born October 6, 1826. He died April 7, 1900 and she died February 6, 1902. Their son James Allen Thompson born in 1851, married Johnanna Bell Buffington, born February 13, 1854. She died October 12, 1881 and he died in October 1915. They were the parents of Mrs. William Penn Phillips.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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