Biographical Sketch of Mrs. A. W. Armstrong

Armstrong, Mrs. A. W. (See Cordery and McNair) Mary Elizabeth, daughter of David McNair and Mary J. (Strickland) Rogers, born Bristol, England in order to break up a love match, furnished his youngest son, Joseph with a ship named the “Brice’ and sent him to Virginia, where Joseph married Susannah Childs, member of a prominent Colonial family, and settled near Charlottesville Albermarle County in that state. Their third son Joseph, was born in 1840. He became a fur trader and amassed a fortune. He held the following military positions: Captain of the Transylvania Militia, elected in 1776 became Major February 17, 1779 and Lieut. Col. in 1781. He was elected Brig. Genl. of North Carolina by the Legislature Dec. 15, 1787 and was commissioned Brig. Gen. of the 20th. Brigade of Virginia Militia by Gov. Henry Lee Dec. 11, 1793. He was the father of Martha called “Patsy” Martin, who married George Washington, the son of John and Gahoka Adair. George Washington and Martha Adair were the parents of Brice Mar­tin Adair who married Sarah McNair. They were the parents of Rollin K. Adair, Town-site Commissioner 1888 and Superintendent of the Male Seminary 1895-99. (See Ross).



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