Biographical Sketch of Gideon Morgan

(See Oolootsa)-Gideon Morgan, born April 3, 1851.

Married June 25, 1874 Mary Llewellyn Payne, born October 1, 1855 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.

They are the parents of: Houston Mayo, born May 4, 1875; Mary Llewellyn born June 23, 1877; Martha Lelia, born November 13, 1879; Margaret Elizabeth, born October 25, 1882; Amanda Payne, born Aug. 25, 1885; Sallie Mayo born April 15, 1888 and Ellen Payne Morris Morgan, born March 4, 1896.

Gideon Morgan was elected Senator from Tahlequah District, Aug. 5, 1901. Elected a member of the legislature from Mayes County, November 5, 1912 and November 5, 1918.

Joseph, the son of General John Sevier married Elizabeth Lowry, a half blood Cherokee and their daughter Margaret, born October 8, 1799. Married October 27, 1813, Gideon Morgan, born at Ramorga, Connecticut, August 6, 1776. He died September 18, 1851 and was buried at Calhoun, Tennessee. Mrs. Morgan died March 25, 1862.

Gideon Morgan organized and was Major of the Cherokee battalion that were allies of the Americans in the Creek war of 1814. Gideon and Margaret (Sevier) Morgan were the parents of George Morgan, born December 2, 1817. Married October 26, 1848 Martha Keziah Mayo, born in Washington, Fay County, Tennessee June 16, 1826. He was a Captain in the Mexican war and Major of the Third Tennessee Volunteer Infantry C. S. A. 1861 to May 1862 and Major of 2nd Kentucky Cavalry (Morgan’s regiment) until his death, Oct. 28,1862. He was mortally wounded at Ashland Ky. Oct. 1s, 1862 and died Oct. 27, 1862. He is buried in Lexington, Ky. Mrs. Morgan died June 7, 1871. They were the parents of Gideon Morgan, the subject of this sketch.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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