Jasper Newton "Tuck" Bee

Bee Trouble, Jasper Newton “Tuck” Bee

Jasper Newton "Tuck" Bee
Jasper Newton “Tuck” Bee
About 1882

This is the story of Jasper Newton “Tuck” Bee. The last name used to be spelled Bea but after the trouble he changed it to Bee.

Bea or Bee is a Scottish name from the clan Mc Bean or Mc Bain. At some point in time a Scotsman moved from Scotland to Germany. The immigrant was Conrad Bea who came to this country in from Germany in the fall of 1838 with his two sons William and Andrew. Not sure if his wife came with him or not. He marries Margaretta Crop on 14 of March 1839 in Washington Co., Maryland. He first settled in that county. He does not stay there long but moves west to Indianapolis, Indiana.

They have 6 children together. I have been unable to connect William with Conrad in any paper work. Another person in the family did genealogy work on this family and says that Conrad is the immigrant ancestor of the Bea family and the father of William and the grandfather of Jasper. I have done much work on him and still cannot find anything that proves that he is the father of William Bea.

In 1850 William and his new wife Louisa Jane Bell are in Green Co., Indiana in the 1850 census.

Jasper became a carpenter like his father. He appears to move around quite a bit according to the censuses. At the bottom of this article are the census records that I have found for him. He is with his second wife Hannah Brock who he married 24 November 1887, Big Creek, Coo Wee Scoo Wee Dist. Cherokee Indian Territory now Craig County, Oklahoma.

But he had a first wife who was Julia Ann Hildebrand. They were married 26 Feb 1882. New Spring Place, then Mission Oaks, now Oaks, So. Delaware Dist., Indian Territory. Married by Rev. Rights. New Spring Place was named after Spring Place in Georgia where the Moravian Mission was located.

Jasper Newton "Tuck" Bee
Jasper Newton “Tuck” Bee
About 1940

So Jasper had two wives at the same time. I do not know if the wives knew about each other or not. When I met, on the internet, a descendant of Jasper with his second wife he did not know about the first wife. He thought that I was a descendant of Jasper with his second wife. I had to explain everything and sent him the proof which is in the Dawes and Miller roll records. Julia and Jasper did not have long together before he went on trial in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Hanging Judge Parker. After he got out of jail he returned to Indian Territory and married the second time to Hannah Brock.

He could not stay away from Julia for they had two children together while he was living with his second wife in Chelsea, Rogers Co., OK. He had to travel back and forth between Goingsnake District now southern Delaware County, Oklahoma,  Chelsea by horse or some other means to see Julia. It appears that Julia could not resist him either she had two girls with him one 13 Oct 1889 and one 13 April 1894. They were Willora Cleora Josephine Bee and Mary Ellen Bee. My name is Willora also. It took me a while to figure out where that name came from. Jasper’s father was William and he named his only son William and his sister’s name was Laura or Lora. Any way he put the two names together and came up with Willora. Cannot prove this but seems very possible to me.

A family story about Jasper is that he got in an argument about a horse harness with another person and that they fought and Jasper killed him. He served time in prison for this killing. This is the family story now here is what happened. This is taken from the hand written court record. This answers some questions but then opens up more questions than before.

Great Grandfather of Glee Krapf who has provided other family stories to the website.

Bea, Bee,

Krapf, Glee Bee Trouble - Jasper Newton "Tuck" Bee. Glee Krapf is the great granddaughter of Jasper Newton "Tuck" Bee.

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