York Ohio 1820 Census Index

York Ohio 1820 Census Index

Blackstone, Ebenezer137
Brown, Samuel137
Bukerstaff, William137
Calt, Beach137
Camp, Benjamin137
Casery, John137
Codner, John137
Codner, Samuel138
Conner, John137
Culbertson, Thomas137
Due, Thomas137
Dutcher, Sarah137
Fisher, William138
Gibbs, Samuel138
Green, John137
Hanes, George137
Harrington, Samuel137
Holibert, Reuben137
Hormilton, Joseph137
Lewis, Daniel137
Lewis, Moses137
Lewis, Samuel137
Mansfield, John137
Mc Kee, John137
Mc Kee, Samuel137
Menton, Jonathan137
Mills, Richard137
Morse, Seth137
Nelson, Daniel137
O Niel, Charles137
Patten, Robert137
Picket, James, Jr.138
Picket, James138
Picket, Samuel138
Roberts, Parsal138
Roberts, Solomon138
Sheperd, Daniel138
Simson, John138
Spence, Elias138
Taylor, John138
Thompson, Calvin138
Thompson, James138
Thompson, Thomas138
Thompson, William138
Tom, Jacob138
Tuttle, Solomon138
Watson, Charles137
Wilcox, William138
Zanes, Asa138

1820 Census,

Partridge, Dennis. 1820 Athens County, Ohio Census Records, AccessGenealogy.com 2001. Web.

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