Roll Of Capt. William Wilson’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from August 1, until September 9, 1812.

Capt. William Wilson
Lieut. John Robinson
Ensign, John Philbey
Sergt, Jacob Marris
Sergt. William Forgason
Sergt. George Ritchey
Sergt. John Day


Ashiraft, Jonothan
Baughman, Henry
Binter, Jacob
Chambers, Joseph
Chambers, Mathew
Conn, Thomas
Davis, William
Ewing, Edmond
Fletcher, Spinier
Fox, John
Graves, Benjamin
Greenfield, John
Hadesty, Urich
Haidesty, Samuel
Hawker, Christian
Hawkins, William
Hayman, Abijah
Helms, Daniel
Hensley, John
Lane, Samuel
Latimore, Jesse
Mariaty, John
Mathews, Noah
Mathews, Thomas
Moore David
Moore, Henry
Pryer, Frederick
Richey, Gideon
Ripe, John
Rodwick, Lewis
Rowell. Moses
Sebring, Rudolph
Slaughter, Elias
Smith, Silas
Starkey, John
Stoner, John
Stradley, Ayers
Taylor, William
Tharp, John
Tharp, William
Thompson, William
Vanwikle, Paul
Wagoner, Daniel
Wagoner, Joseph
Welch, James
Welch, John
Wells, John
Wheeler, John
Wilson, George
Winters, James
Young, Ephraim
Zane, Joel

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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