Roll Of Capt. William Stephenson’s Company

(Probably from Greene County).

Served from October 24, until December 22, 1812, and from Sept. 20, 1813, until March 20, 1814

Capt. William Stephenson
Lieut. Samuel Stites
Ensign, John McCally
Lieut. Edward Jones
Ensign, Daniel Kebbinger
Sergt. Alexander Ireland
Sergt. Thomas Sleeth
Sergt. Moses McNair
Sergt. Peter Pence
Sergt. William Kelley
Sergt. William Harper
Corp. Peter Stephenson
Corp. James McKaig
Corp. William Wilson
Corp. Nelson Lansdell
Corp. William Price
Corp. Elias Gilkin
Fifer, Jonothan Claton
Fifer, Henry Steenbarger
Drummer, John Gillelan
Drummer, Joseph Jones


Adams, John
Babcock, Simon
Babcock, William
Bates, John
Beason, Thomas
Beeth, James
Benet, Francis
Bennett, George
Black, John
Bradley, John
Browder, Wesley
Campbell, John
Carpenter, Joseph
Casad, John
Cleton, William
Criswell, David.
Davis, Noah
Davis, Zebe
Dittz, John
Dunn, Simon
Ellis, William
Evans, George
Follis, Isaac
Forbes, George
Garlough, Adam
Gibson, Monteleon
Gregory, Daniel
Grose, William
Hale, Bradford
Hammell, Valentine
Hardman, Henry
Harker, John
Harris, Stewart
Harstock, William
Hodge, John
Hopkins, Richard
Hussey, Christopher
Hussey, Nathan
Hustide, Aaron
Ivens, Richard
James, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Kendle, John
Kiser, John
Krigler, Jacob
Lambert, John
Lippingcot, Obediah
Loomon, Joseph
Loomon, Ralph
Martin, Jacob, Sr.
McAuly, William
McKaig, John
McManime, William
Meed, Daniel
Miles, Christian
Miller, Charles
Mills, Lewis
Moody, James
Myers, George
Norman, Jacob
Olinger, Jacob
Oppy, David
Read, William
Roberts, John
Rose, William
Skilliland, Lewis
Smith, Caleb
Smith, William
Snip, Abraham
Spuce, Daniel
Steeth, James
Stephenson, James
Stephenson, John
Strain, John
Tatman, Edward
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, John
Turner, James
Vaughn, William
Waggoner, George
Walbourne, Robert
Ward, Obediah
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Winget, Caleb
Winget, Hugh
Wolf, Jacob

War of 1812,

Greene County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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