Roll Of Capt William Key’s Company

Bachan, John
Blane, William
Byers, Isaac
Cavett, Richard
Chonay, Ralph
Connor, John
Davidson, Thomas
Dexan, Caleb
Dolsen, Peter
Emberry, Abner Van
England, Joseph
England, Titus
Fry, Jacob
Gallbraith, William
Garrett, Edward
Grant, John H
Graytes, Nathaniel
Greenman, Jeremiah
Harrison, Elisha
Heath, William
Hoover, Henry
Housmond, George
Hurd, Samiiel
Hutchinson Robert
Jones, Thomas
Jordan, Isaac
Kerns, Felix
Lake, Jonothan
Layton William
Lloyd, Thomas
Maron, Thomas
McArthur, Duncan
McCollister, Clement
McCrady, William
Minshall, Edward
Moffett, Nath
Otter, Robert
Sands, Joseph
Sinn, Jacob
Smith Peter
Sponge, Henry
Wall, Jeptha
White, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Winder, James

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