Roll Of Capt. William Alban’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from March 12, until September 12, 1814

Capt. William Alban
Lieut. William Withrow
Ensign, Solomon Gladden
Sergt. Thomas Bolin
Sergt. Thomas B. Roe
Sergt. Joseph Brown
Sergt. William Reed
Corp. George Betz
Corp. John Glenn
Corp. George Shultz
Corp. James Morrison


Andrews, Daniel
Anspaugh, Leonard
Barnhill, Samuel
Barr, Samuel
Bell, Adam
Brown, William
Bruk, Moses
Burgess, Joseph
Caruthers, James
Cole, Elijah
Cole, Ezekial
Doman, Jacob
Duke, William
Elliott, Thomas
Erick, George
Farbar, Phillip
Fisher, Brice
Frank, John
Freet, George
Galbraith, James
Gibson, George
Gooden, Abedneyo
Groog, John
Hardenbrooks, Samuel
Hoft, Jacob
Jolly, William
Kyle, Samuel
Marshall, William
Martin, James
McCullough, Daniel
Metcalf , Mepon
Miller, John
Miller, Phillip
Minay, Patrick
Newstetler, Henry
Otis, Ezekial
Patterson, Richard
Patterson, William
Riddle, Samuel
Shoop, David
Smallwood, Richard
Smith, John
Smith, Michael
Spangley, Michael
Spielle, John
Stone, Jesse
Sullivan, Henry
Swigar, John
Taylor, Valentine
Tipton, Luke
Van Horn, Peter
White, Joseph
Wright, Richard
Zimmerman, David

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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