Roll Of Capt. Jesse Or John D. Courtright’s Company

(From Fairfield County)

Served from September 27, 1812, until February 26, 1813,
Part served from October 22, 1812.

Capt. John D. Courtright
Lieut. John List
Ensign, John Glick
Sergt. David Egbert
Sergt. Peter Hartsock
Sergt. Isaac Hardin
Sergt. Thomas Pullen
Corp. John Smother
Corp. John Foust
Corp. Pressley Priest
Corp. Daniel Escol
Fifer, Isaac Stephens


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Allen, Samuel
Bochard, Jacob
Boyles, Thomas
Bradley, John
Burke, Jacob
Buzzard, David
Buzzard, George
Buzzard, William
Carlisle, Bazil
Chaina, John
Chestnut, Elisha
Gessele, Jacob
Glick, Solomon
Howitt, Richard
Kirk, George Jr.
Kirk, George Sr.
Linback, George
Long, William
Lutz, John
Marshall, John
Missmore, John
Moore, Peter
Paier, John
Plotner, Daniel
Proudfoot, John
Punchos, Peter
Roult, James
Russell, Jacob
Shawhan, Thomas
Shoup, Jacob
Silvers, William
Steel, Lemuel
Stripes, William
Torrance, John
Waite, George
Welshhous, Jacob
White, William
Willits, Elias
Winterslam, Nicholas
Wright, Jeremiah

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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