Lodi Township Town Officers 1827-1868

Township Trustees.

1827-28  Joseph Thompson,     Elam Frost,         John L. Kelly.
1829     Joseph Thompson,     Rufus P. Cooley,    John L. Kelly.
1830     Francis B. Drake,    Thomas Miles,       Abner Frost.
1831     Joseph Thompson,     Elam Frost,         John L. Kelly.
1832     Joseph Thompson,     Thomas Miles,       A. M. Williams.
1833     John Bodwell,        Francis B. Drake,   Abner Frost.
1834     Luther Dinsmore,     John L. Kelly,      J. B. Force.
1835     Luther Dinsmore,     John L. Kelly,      G. H. Cooley.
1836     Charles Brown,       John L. Kelly,      John Carlton,
1837     Samuel Day,          George Eaton,       Cyrus 0. McGrath.
1838     Joseph Bobo,         John Carlton,       David Whaley.
1839     Calvin F. Dains,     Ezra H. Miller,     Rufus P. Cooley.
1840     Samuel Day,          Wakeman Hull,       Rufus P. Cooley.
1841     Samuel Day,          Julius Stone,       George Blazer.
1842     Samuel Day,          Jehu Acley,         Churchill Creesey.
1843     Wakeman Hull,        Jehu Acley,         Churchill Creesey.
1844     John Cather,         Jehu Acley,         Churchill Creesey.
1845     Joseph Cremer,       John L. Kelly,      John Whittington.
1846     James G. Roberts,    Wakeman Hull,       John Whittington.
1847     Julius Stone,        Wakeman Hull,       John L. Kelly.
1848     William Jeffers,     Wakeman Hull,       John L. Kelly.
1849     William Jeffers,     D. H. Miles,        Amos Moore.
1850     William Jeffers,     Joseph Cremer,      William Bart.
1851     Churchill Creesey,   Ebenezer Williams,  William Bart.
1852     Churchill Creesey,   Ebenezer Williams,  D. H. Miles.
1853     Joseph Cremer,       Ebenezer Williams,  D. H. Miles.
1854     E. Williams,         David Hart,         Wm. Jeffers.
1855     Wm. Wilson,          D. D. Miller,       Wm. Jeffers.
1856-57  John Kelly,          D. D. Miller,       Wm. Jeffers.
1858     John Kelly,          David Hart,         Wm. Jeffers.
1859     John Kinney,         David Hart,         Wm. Jeffers.
1860     John Cowan,          Joseph Creesey,     Wm. Jeffers.
5861-62  John Cowan,          Joseph Creesey,     Lewis Dains.
1863     John Cowan,          Joseph Creesey,     John Cather.
1864     John Cowan,          Joseph Creesey,     James Wilson.
1865     John Buck,           A. J. Howard,       Lewis Dains.
1866     Moses Lawrence,      A. J. Howard,       F. J. Cremer.
1867-68  Wm. Jeffers,         Joseph Creesey,     F. J. Cremer.

Township Clerks.

1827-31-G. D. Drake.
1832-Rufus P. Cooley.
1833-Joseph B. Force.
1834-36-Rufus P. Cooley.
1837-39-John L. Kelly.
1840-41-John Cather.
1842-Jonathan Witham.
1843-John Cather.
1844-D. H. Miles.
1845-Stephen Gates.
1846-47-Joseph Cremer.
1848-William H. Hull.
1849-L. D. Evans.
1850-Matthew Wilson.
1851-R. P. Cooley.
1852-64-Isaac Bedell.
1865-66-R. R. Cooley.
1867-68-John Crather.

Successive Justices of the Peace.

1827-Joseph Thompson.
1829-32-Rufus P. Cooley.
1833-Joseph Thompson.
1835-Rufus P. Cooley and Luther Dinsmore.
1837-Smith C. Allen.
1838-Churchill Creesey.
1839-William Lee.
1840-Richard St. Clair.
1841-Julius Stone.
1842-David H. Miles.
1843-Richard St. Clair.
1845-David H. Miles.
1846-Isaac Woodyard.
1848-John Cather.
1849-Isaac Woodyard.
1851-Lorenzo D. Evans.
1852-Isaac Woodyard.
1854-Lorenzo D. Evans and David Hart.
1857-60-Lorenzo D. Evans and Elisha Langhead.
1861-Benoni R. Pierce.
1863-John Kelly.
1864-Nelson Lord.
1866-Waldron S. Williams.
1867-Nelson Lord.
1868-William J. Shaffer.

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